1. The inner covering of the temple was torn down (at Jesus' crucifixion). We have access to the innermost holy now, there is no middle link between man and God. The age of grace is here, has been for about 2000 years. You can reach Jesus, the Father, and Holy spirit where you are.

  2. This is probably the coolest thing since ... well uh .. sliced ... bread?

  3. Barring any configuration difference;

  4. I have a feeling there is a more-than-annoying probability that one could reduce the amount of combinators.

  5. Oil and production is solved by some tanks, some pumps with circuits and overflowing stuff into either cracking or whatever. Remember that rocket-fuel can be made by some light-oil and petroleum (solid fuel) too. Remember that you can use coal liquefaction to get lots of heavy oil. Combine all the different methods in a refinery complex, and you'll be golden.

  6. You can't feel faith, forgiveness, nor salvation. These are things you have to decide, do, and know. If you're looking for feelings, you're leaving the door open for all kinds of oppression and manipulation.

  7. How do i know that he is near, how do i ask him truly and talk to him truly

  8. Wait till you're alone, sit down on your bed, start talking to him.

  9. If that’s the achievement I am thinking of some of us from beta did not get that so while it might work for most there are a few it might not be quite accurate.

  10. Well they do get them now, and if you don't have it, you're not a newbie.

  11. "Dumb switches" are not dumb, they are not cross-wired "hubs". They are only slightly less complicated than managed ones, and give you none of the benefits (good luck debugging on one of those).

  12. People who think satan is after them in most cases are not being attacked. Most people are not important enough to attack or catch his attention, like it’s not how it is explained in the Bible.

  13. If you think about it like this instead, there is one often referred to as Satan, HaSatan (The Satan) - in Job for one, but there are many who are satans ("opposers"). So OP might not get the attention of The Satan, but there might be many who opposes this person to gain growth in Jesus. Sometimes there are references to The Devil (The Accuser), and i guess that is probably the Dragon, who is both devil and satan (revelation). But there can be many devils (accusers).

  14. Since you see you have no control over it, I'd say you should definitely ask the Lord. That way, when things improve, you know it was the Lord who helped you, and not some sudden, new found, self improvement skill.

  15. No the king of Egypt at that time was called a Pharaoh and historically that's incorrect

  16. Pharaoh line started before the great flood. There were pharaohs when Joseph was in Egypt. There were pharaohs later on (several hundred years), when Moses was there.

  17. Reading the bible for the stories, yeah sure, you get the stories really quickly.

  18. Least amount of people killed?

  19. the way you are doing it almost perfect the only thing i wouldnt do is the bottom plate, its touching a insulated tile you don't want to suck temperature into a insulated tile

  20. Wanted to mention this as well, seems like its not very common knowledge that tempshfit plates can inject temperature into connected tiles (even insulated ones) and that will soak up a lot of temperature into those tiles (especially the insulated ones).

  21. The ash roses on the roof was nerfed several updates ago. They are harder to find now, but you can find lots around the town. Just don't go at night, they are hard to spot until you've trained your eyes. I believe it was mentioned in the changelogs - either way it was an active developer decision (as far as i understood it, i was not the happiest either -- but fair enough).

  22. Is that 2 stick kit actually comprised of 1 Hynix and 1 Micron chipped stick? How the heck would you achieve anything on that, when you'd be fighting both chips "weak sides"?

  23. I wonder how many players will randomly have Cop A Squatter completed for them as a result of this PSA....

  24. Mine always ended up at Crimson Prospect, with that one starred NPC under the world.

  25. Outside the cellophane? Would that mean the serial number is visible to people taking pictures of it, before reselling?

  26. Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC) and Parity checks. The first to see if something has changed the entire message, the other to see which bits are modified. Depends on what you need. Although it wouldn't surprise me if someone were to do these things, they would also try to modify memory. I'm sure there are better variants than the most general ones.

  27. Yes, but usually only when they don't know the answer, but are afraid they would look like an idiot, so they try to portray me as the idiot. I usually follow up with "oh so you don't know either". Often times they will regret what they said, and reply with something to the tone of "I'm actually not sure" (most common), but other times (rarely) "Sure i know, i just don't want to tell you" (now they look like a dick to everyone around them) -- and a good indicator that they are insecure about having me around.

  28. Google DTIM and you'll have your technical explanation. What happens? Some things happen less regularly. What the ideal settings are, depend entirely on what traffic you put across the wifi. Go for the setting that you have most success with. Be ready to change it back, when it turns out to be too much.

  29. I like to start the game at 2x, then when my Dupes have skilled up a bit, so they are not slow as molasses, I'll turn it down to 1x.

  30. He didn't say, "Let all already perfect people come to me!" no, he said (and i paraphrase) "Repent!". Also i would like to add, that those who are given much, are much required.

  31. Yeah that's normal. To retrieve all the settings that is actually in use, they'd need tight integration with BIOS' CPU's and chipsets (probably). But retrieving XMP from SPD is just reading some bytes from an I2C bus and decode it in a preset manner. The latter is simpler by a lot.

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