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  1. as i said, i adressed this. several times as this makes it seem like i am the only one with reading comprehension better than a toddler. i will not type the same thing again. read the thread or shut the fuck up.

  2. yet you keep typing the same thing you just said, ironic innit

  3. youre painfully stupid and i am going to be giving up on trying to be reasoning w u

  4. you never tried tho, you just dismissed me because you lack an argument

  5. I think the frigates have a high chance of winning. People here correctly pointed out that the ISD has shielding, therefore it can take more punishment than the frigates.

  6. yeah but never forget the fact that capital ship combat i. star wars uses a guck ton of fighter and bomber craft that the frigates have no way to repel

  7. These posts defending lvl20 npcs owning a little shop or tavern stemmed from a post about how such npcs are a good way to keep your pcs from going murder hobo and taking all the magic stuff, which implies that said npc is still in perfectly good condition to fuck your whole party up, which implies they are still in pretty top tier condition. If not then there are rules for “aging” that apply debuffs and buff respectively if you choose to use them. So they would still keep their level but if they’re hella old then you could apply a strength and constitution debuff while buffing their wisdom. I believe that’s how it goes in 3.5e anyway. Regardless that isn’t relevant to the actual post discussion because the posters are omitting the specific information and mindlessly defending an idea that isn’t thoroughly thought out if in the context that every shopkeeper is a level fucking 20

  8. a senile lvl 20 fighter could whoop a level 3 party in 2 rounds and then go back to having lumbago

  9. In argentina we are 80% decendents from italians or spaniards, and 99.7% of use are white. I live in a relatively Big city and havent seen a black person in My life

  10. pensé que ese hueco en tu tórax eran las malvinas pero luego supe que era tu “estómago”

  11. are you ok, who hurt you, also we are 8th level smartass

  12. ma ake vale a putin no dañar a ciudadanos peruanos o es guerra

  13. who would’ve thought bullying a group of people gives them more derepssion

  14. sips drink knowing i’ll be with my parents way after i graduate unless i get married

  15. He’s saying that’s like killing a German child during WW2 because they believe in naziism

  16. killing a hitler youth aiming a panzerfaust at your tank is kind of guaranteed

  17. No. I built a custom world where the dragonborn are the evil orcs of the setting due to the backstory that I spent hours writing. I'm sorry but you can't be a dragonborn.

  18. there were good orca in middle earth iirc but i’m too lazy to look it up

  19. Worst case of crabs I've ever heard of, you have both my sympathy and utter revulsion. I would probably need therapy for life.

  20. bruh there are a shitton of these at my beach and i always en up with some piece of them in my balls, every once in a while there are whole but never alive

  21. Okay hold your horses lol as an artist if I could make it into the furry porn art community I would literally only ever do that. Why Because one shit doggy dick drawi g gets you 400usd why the fuck not. Like that shit brings in gold if you get good enough at it!

  22. top comment is now all about it. Basically Warlock + sorcerer. Using metamagic to convert warlock slots into points, then into sorcerer slots. And sorcerer slots and points only reset on a long rest, and no rule says you can't have more than the max.... So you just never long rest, and instead take 6-8 short rests instead to acquire infinite spells slots. Avoid exhaustion levels with Greater Restoration/Warforged/Reborn, etc.

  23. isn’t there a part of the multi classing rules that says that you can only use one classes slots for that class or am i wrong

  24. oh we hace that same bullshit here in peru and south america in general

  25. I told you I think there’s a good reason for them. If it’s not easy it shows it’s not as valuable, and causes some people at the margins not to do it. Many of people who want guns easier to carry around in a grocery store also want a harder time to vote.

  26. thing is by making guns harder for the common man to get your just making sure he’s defenseless against criminals who don’t give two shits about the law

  27. Except if the tarrasque picks it up and drops it, probably via grapple, which crawford said is not resisted or ignored by resistance to non-magical physical damage, not exactly a raw action in the sense of it being on the statblock, but i'd say it could make sense even if you say it can't throw it since it'd be weird if a 50 ft drop normally did 5d6 gut if the tarrasque grabs you and drops you it'd not deal any damage

  28. you could buy flying boots beforehand though and put them on as a golem

  29. In 5e? Unlikely by base game. (5e doesn't even have prices for magic items, because you aren't meant to buy them. It's loot only.) Also can a non sentient golem attune to an item?

  30. i believe they are not adúneme y and you could get them hand crafted for a clay golem using the magic item crafting downtime rules in xanathars

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