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  1. Good Lord you all keep referencing this movie I know nothing about and this scene only gave me the chills.

  2. Mommy Dearest. A movie based on Christina Crawford upbringing with her adoptive mother Joan

  3. No. Lock him away and throw away the key. There is nothing in this world more depraved than the stuff he sought out and enjoyed. It's some of the very worst, most sadistic material out there. I can't even grasp how someone could stomach something like that, let alone seek it out and enjoy it. Something is seriously wrong with him. He has shown himself to be dangerous and predatory even from a young age. Nothing "good" he does changes that.

  4. Well hopefully my EU friends are helped out with copy /paste 😂

  5. Thank you so much, I scrolled down the comments to see whether some kind soul had done it.

  6. Damn, she had to use her hair to cover her face so she could come up with the "correct" one

  7. One would think she’d have the best personal shoppers…but she obviously doesn’t.

  8. Are you seeing an obgyn? I also have had this problem, and had no problem having my obgyn write a rx for it to help with the tear. She also suggested pelvic floor therapies. There could be lots of different factors that are could be going on. mine is not a mix of testosterone and estradiol, but rather just estradiol.

  9. Soooo triggered they were spotted at Woody Allen’s house. It’s a bad look and they know it.

  10. But I don’t understand what was the reporter’s point honestly. Contesting them being there?

  11. Boom! There’s her alibi. Now we just wait for her to copycat.

  12. Not sure she could copycat, in her case it’s baby n.5 and 6 so fertility issues are somehow not believable

  13. these two strike me as genuinely happy together. I think John has potential to be a decent guy. He just needs to separate from his parents influence. But with each passing year, it seems unlikely to happen.

  14. I remember one thing only: the producer she had auditioned for told her something like “you are one amongst a million” and she went “awww thank you!”

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