AITA for letting my daughter visit her dad?

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  1. Tracking how my performance changes year over year, as a ranking %, is what I love about the Open. I’ve changed boxes since starting CF. I wouldn’t like having a year gap (or a few) in my Open history.

  2. Are coaches saying this to you? When a coach says to add more, it means your form looks solid and it doesn’t look like you’re struggling at all. Meaning you have at least 5lb more in you. (I also find coaches tell me when to take weight off the bar and it’s because my form is bad.)

  3. Let nature take its course. At a bar I don’t mind being the one making the move, at the gym let her. Don’t be serious and even if you hook up don’t get weird and expect anything more. You will not win and if she feels weird I can promise it is you that will get their membership dues refunded and asked to find another gym. Just be cool, but do that anyway

  4. You’re saying she has to ask him out because it’s a gym? I’m not principally opposed to that dynamic, but I don’t think our culture is there yet. When a man who seemed interested but then “sits back” signals to me that he lost interest or it wasn’t that strong to begin with 🤷‍♀️

  5. I’m not saying that. I said let nature take its course. If a man doesn’t know how to read queues and know then generally they aren’t too good at getting laid even if it’s a Ho house. I don’t think my comment is going to help either way if what I said doesn’t resonate, but then again guys that are good at it generally don’t need advice to begin with 🤷‍♂️

  6. NTA. I was a mandatory reporter for 15 years when I was a teacher. This is abuse, and if one of my students told me this situation was happening I would be obliged to report it to CPS.

  7. I have to ask: was mom opposed to tampons out of some twisted notion of purity?

  8. She literally didn't say. She told the kid she wasn't allowed to use them because she was too young. Kid replied with something to the effect that she had been menstruating for two years and her mom never noticed so she didn't get a say. Then the woman defied the custody order, committed kiddo to a mental institution under false pretenses, and filed the report against us. The specifics of the report claimed I taught kiddo to masturbate in a hands on way. It was vile and psychotic, but she was literally told if she pulls something like this again our case worker will make sure she loses all her kids.

  9. (1) Rebuild after a costly divorce (2) Expedite FIRE (3) Downpayment on a house (4) Buy a business, related to #2 (5) Layoff insurance

  10. YTA for prioritizing your new family over your daughter. Your obligations to her came first.

  11. NTA for declining to attend but you need to let your bf know how to behave appropriately within your family. He doesn’t have the context. They’ll never like any of your bf’s if they come in doing things that are offensive to your family’s culture.

  12. OP said the loan is just in her name but didn’t say who’s on the title

  13. This is one of those lovely stories where OP is not technically the AH, but is definitely an AH. Like, yes, you’re not obligated to help her out, but you’re so mean and stuck up about it that I can’t say you’re not TA. Your sister is going through a rough time and reached out for help and you can’t help her even once. You can’t even be bothered to bring dinner to her yourself, you have your housekeeper do it. That’s cold af. Honestly, just go back to no contact. You’ll both be better off.

  14. I was going to go with a shittiest sister award. I mean strangers at the park were more helpful to me than OP was to her own sister. I get that nobody owes anyone anything, but what’s the point of family when they’re worse than strangers in moments of crisis?

  15. He's awfully casual about making younger women clean up after him. Makes me wonder how he treats younger women in the office.

  16. Thank you for posting this! I have received zero discriminatory treatment since working from home. Our first in person strategy session included the men talking over the women and snickering in the back while the women presented, whereas the men were given undivided attention for their presentations. That never plays out on zoom, only in person.

  17. Hard to judge but (1) your 2yo shouldn’t be living in a loft with half a wall. By the time she can climb it, she’ll already be in danger. This is not safe or suitable. (2) If you separate or divorce, expect to have your kids 50% of the time and to provide shelter for them on your time + for you and your sister. You let daughter and sister may end up needing to share a room even if you leave your husband, so maybe reconsider your hard stance on the girls sharing a room - it seems like the inevitable outcome either way, so ending your marriage over it won’t solve anything.

  18. NTA - 5 hours is not a mistake. 5 hours for a 5 week old baby is child neglect. There were options if she was feeling overwhelmed. You did the right thing. When you seek out custody, try for supervised visits. You’re going to be a great dad.

  19. In my state, you can’t leave a 7 year old home alone at all, so 5+ hours for an infant is absolutely criminal neglect. CPS will probably let mom have visitation again though if she takes the classes and follows the safety care plan.

  20. I’ve seen two models: open gym as a perk for unlimited members + open gym not counting towards classes for those on a 8+ sessions per month (any monthly plan rather than a punch card)

  21. It’s interesting to me that you’re not getting tactical, specific responses. I’ve also craved a progression of skills to master, and drills to match, but haven’t found a program focused on skill mastery. One of the coaches at my gym programmed for a couple cycles and he seemed to have some magic in his programming that focused on one cardio, one lift, and one gymnastics skill each cycle. I made progress on all three, yet I didn’t recognize many of the typically associated skill drills for the associated movements. He must have seamlessly integrated accessory movements into the regular workouts. I wish he’d kept programming or could at least explain why and how his method worked.

  22. I believe in a 50/50 split when two things are true: (1) you were each living within your means prior to getting together, and (2) no major lifestyle creep since combining your lives, inflation aside.

  23. And therein is the problem. I quit my job to move cross country with him and was unemployed for 6 months, living off savings and still paying roughly half. I also cook and take care of household tasks (I do this on my own will) which adds to my time and responsibility. he doesn't seem to recognize that this invisible labor is "contributing" to the overall cost of things

  24. You moved to support his career and then had to deplete your savings to pay for half??

  25. While hiring was plentiful, there were more open positions than there were candidates who could pass our screening process. Any and every candidate who was capable of qualifying had a position offered to them. Me taking up one of hundreds of open slots resulted in not a single other candidate being denied an offer.

  26. YTA for how you communicated it and being perfectly fine with estranging your husband from his “almost twin” sister.

  27. I’ve been a member at a couple boxes. There’s been one coach I didn’t click with at each. Since he coaches the classes that work best for you, that’s more important than if he was only your coach 1xweek.

  28. YTA for not including the mom in the list of people your daughter can call. She’s 10. Saying that you don’t stop their communication is silly at this age, unless she has a personal phone with her mom’s number saved in it. Obviously you’d need to give her a phone to make the call and omitting her mom from the list of people she’d talk to about her first period was clearly intentional and weird. That should have been the first person on the list.

  29. YTA for putting your kids on an an extreme diet without proper medical advice. Denying your children grains and limiting their fruit consumption to such an extent (a single banana takes the body out of ketosis) without a medical reason is not okay.

  30. Marriage isn’t meant to be forever. Make prenups a common occurrence and don’t stigmatize divorces.

  31. I think this is all flipped. Yes, marriage is meant to be til death, but it’s not meant to be a business partnership, as modern day US family law treats it.

  32. I think you’re taking what’s permissible and asserting it as intended. When people get married, they mean for it to last; that intention is inherent to the concept of marriage. Anything else is just having a sexual partner or a mate. Yes Judaism allows for divorce; divorce is not the intended outcome of a Jewish married couple. They get married hoping it will last.

  33. I didn't realize this was an option, but it sounds like a good compromise if it isn't too expensive. I'll look into it.

  34. You can also buy a home paternity test and if your father agrees, see if he’s your fiancé’s dad. Obviously your mom is not your fiancé’s mom. So you just need to rule dad out to appease your fiancé right? Sure she’d like to rule out an obscure uncle, but could the at home paternity test be a decent compromise? Your data isn’t sold and she gets some peace of mind.

  35. I think this responder meant OP and his wife should take their daughter home, where she can recover in peace, once she’s released from the hospital, not that they should take the granddaughter from the father (which they can’t do anyway).

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