1. Rtsp in union lets you rent two at a time and switch out however many times you want

  2. Was going to say this, Randolph too, as long as they’re the same caliber. I’ve done this while handgun shopping, they’ve swapped out guns quickly for me four or five times in an hour without giving me any trouble.

  3. I did it with handguns they gave me a 9mm glock and a .45 1911. So i got two different calibers

  4. We use a hole punched in the fork and have a removable ball attachment so we can still use the forks just by unscrewing the nut on the ball.

  5. I'm a farmer, so I'm aquatinted with doing what needs done however ya need to. But anyway, unless the hole was there from the factory it'd piss off OSHA.

  6. Not a huge fan of it. But we should probably set up a backup discord for this sun.

  7. There is already a discord for this sub. The invite link is in the about menu.

  8. “Dick riding “? That meant for me for asking a question?

  9. Meant for you taking what everyone else says and not forming your own opinion. People dick ride this forum so hard that cant even form their own opinion. So please walk through those doors and see how knowledgeable the place is and kind everyone there is. They dont push a sale they want you happy. Everyone hates to get the reddit likes for the karma.

  10. Your jumping to conclusions my man…. Never had intentions on taking someone else’s word and I definitely make my own decisions. I said I was going there this weekend. I’m looking to cerakote a lot of expensive pieces not some cheesy shit so yeah I’m looking for more than one place to check out. I’m new to NJ and don’t know where to go. And cerakote is totally new to me so I have no clue who’s to trust to do my NHC and JP’s. Riding dick tho?…. way I grew up that was enough to start some shit. So that touched a nerve. lol

  11. All fair my man. Didnt mean no offense. Just people in this forum just eat up everyones words and make that their way of thinking instead of finding out for themselves. Walk in that door this weekend and talk to the man himself Derek. Hes the owner and the guy who does the cerakoting in store. Hes know state wide for doing more then just guns. I know people personally that went to him for car stuff and more. Hes got the gift for cerakoting for sure. Just check out @savagecerakote on instagram. It show cases his work.

  12. I personally wouldn’t CCW one of the few modern guns that have concerns with regards to unintentional discharge. I think some of these lawsuits are BS but lots of options out there that don’t have the uncertainty.

  13. So what would be something good for edc that doesnt have those concerns

  14. P365 xmacro is a great edc to start with!

  15. haha. nah just didn't need it...did a complete new upper. well, build

  16. I guess i was told her name was michelle from another employee. Also other people i talked to had the same description with the same name.

  17. It’s possible I never met her. Either way sucks you had a bad experience I get all my guns there and Ira took time out with a busy store to answer my questions before I even had my FID. He was battling the ATF shit but either way if you had a bad interaction you had a bad interaction.

  18. Yeah man. That like the people that dont like scarms cause of derek. It goes both ways so it is what it is.

  19. Taurus and lakiline llc make extensions for the mags. Thats as extended as it is going to get from the looks of it

  20. There’s a huge part of me that wants to shoot this. But as long as i live in this shit state of New Jersey i never will.

  21. Shit times we live in now. There are cheaper and freer states to live in but I get not wanting to be pushed out of your home by politics.

  22. Definitely dont want to let politics push me out of my home. Although it seems thats what it is coming too. Freer is the goal. Cheaper is just an added bonus. Sick gun btw. Hows it shoot for a 5” barrel?

  23. Just an update. The owner of the shop who is the gunsmith, is at shot show until Sunday. So now I’m unable to shoot my new firearm until at least Monday.

  24. Granted in all fairness definitely miss communication and possibly over promising on their capabilities. I do not know which store this is nor can I vouch for how LGS operate their stores. However, this is NJ things work differently here and unfortunately sometimes we are handed a bad deck of cards. However, I would not totally dismiss that store you went to based off of one a single incident. Running a LGS in this state is nearly impossible and those that are in it are because they have a true passion for the sport.

  25. That’s the thing it is not as local as my other tell go to LGS. Also the selection of accessories is so small, but he makes sure to sell coffee, hot sauce, and all the t-shirts and hoodies he can fit in there. So ill stick to my actual local LGS for now on.

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