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  1. Idk if this qualifies, but i have always been a person that does not require much sleep (5-6 hours total is more than enough), but after my OCD relapse past 2 years, i get obsessed about sleep the moment i wake up

  2. way over priced, legion 5 pro 1399 at walmart with better screen and gpu

  3. I am trying to set up a chaos vehicle but I cannot get the wheels to collide with the ground. I adjusted the wheel radius But it seems like it's just the convex collision of the body of the vehicle colliding with the ground

  4. i agree i am paying my bills with state of mind

  5. Nicholas and his wife arguably, but not their children.

  6. Paying off those mortgages or other loans after the interest rate increases. Probably anticipation of further rate rises.

  7. So you think most liquidity is cashed out inside US? What about rest of the world? How do you know what portion of the crypto shares was able to make it inside the US

  8. Indeed. I haven’t sat in it since they moved in.

  9. The entire world is facing a recession due to all kinds of macro economic influences. This was in motion already while Trump was in office. Re-elected or not we would have eventually gotten here.

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