1. It's actually the reverse for cats! Cats groom each other as a show of dominance. If you ever see one cat aggressively licking another cat, it's one cat showing the other who is in charge.

  2. Omg that's why one of my cats always slaps the shit at the other for being "nice" lm completely misunderstanding power struggles xD typical human

  3. Never gonna happen but if it did it would be life changing.

  4. My sister went through the same thing, thinking she was getting poisoned, abused, etc. Found out later a la ‘A Beautiful Mind’ style that it was all in her head and she had severe mental issues.

  5. Do you see similarities here and with your sisters stories?

  6. OOP seems to be handling this with great maturity for her age. Her father is obviously the one who should have been aborted.

  7. I wouldnt call it maturity. this whole thing makes me think things have been worse. Dad's hard core emotionally abusive and im sure op has some sort of c-ptsd/trauma response.

  8. And the opposite was seen in bonobos in hyenas, which like chimps, are not human.

  9. It starts at birth but you don't pick it up until you're older.

  10. My dad has a superhuman gift of being able to tap on a melon and tell which one is the ripest by how they sound.

  11. My grandma says it's the ones that sound hollow

  12. that looks good to you? I have never and will never understand the five guys hype. iTs just a sloppy ass over priced burger, would rather COOK ( a thing i loathe) my own damn burger than to ever eat their.

  13. Florida, Mississippi, North dakota; South Dakota, Utah:, Nebraska

  14. Karine doesn’t actually think this guy is into her right? She can’t possibly be that naive.

  15. Bro she married Paul and had 2 kids w him. Of course she's this niave. She was a baby (emotionally) when she met him and is only now getting freedom and space to learn.

  16. Absofrickinglutely. Also he's pitching a fit when she didn't want to have sex, and the fact that when she was ready to, he said "gross"...? I don't know, doesn't sit right with me.

  17. Right? To me the explanation made absolutely NO sense! Idk how her doing all of that could NOT be interpreted as initiating, if thats what he wanted then thats what he got... the gross context makes no sense unless hes an absolutely petty piece of shit who did that to get revenge for her not initating earlier.... idk she seems cool w the explanation but like.... they should def head to therapy lol

  18. It's because he's so used to her saying no and rebuffing his advances. He can't imagine that she'd even want to try to initiate.

  19. It had only been two weeks so im calling bullshit! Two weeks of hearing no does not destroy you to the point where you see them masterbaiting outside ur office and you think oh they only want alone time... if they wanted to be alone theyd be in the bathrooom or bedroom ffs

  20. Just saying, it should usually have more posts every day, so look at them again!

  21. Yeah I know but some weeks are pretty dry and I've started recognizing the repost.

  22. I'm glad she did this cuz everyone believing Paul's bullshit was so annoying

  23. AlL LIES. Just another narrative to get more clicks after coming out with his Gay for Pay debacle. He took down all his SM for few days due to the backlash of us confirming what a despicable POS he is. So he lost 💰 cause SM is his sole source of income. ( what will he do In the very near future when No one will even remember his name). So to get as much cash as possible here we are!! If on the very off chance this I true She just threw regaining custody of those boys out the window with both hands. I'm very happy for those boys, at least with stable parents who want to adopt them desperately , they will have a shot at a happy, stable life.

  24. If u look at her social she's been working w the courts. Paul is once again talking out of his ass lmaooooo

  25. If you seen Degrassi, she's Mia. The teen mom who ends up becoming a model

  26. I dunno about that. I cant stand chunky peanut butter.

  27. Right? I can understand the eye make up and the skin filtering for a professional looking photo but when I saw the nose I saw she crossed a huge line

  28. She's gonna end up back on reddit with more drama if she actually dates that guy. Not only that, but why would that guy want to date her when her sister is so fucked up? Why invite that kind of family drama into their life?

  29. The guy liked her originally! She rejected him for her sister! Idk I was expecting them to get together. They take classes together. It always made sense.

  30. Stick around this subreddit to see why staying away from families with red flags is always the right thing to do. They are young and in college, this doesn't have to be their lives. They can just find someone else to date. If for no other reason than her twin sister already went on a date with him. There are too many people in the world to have to do that.

  31. I think you're quite dramatic and yet I'd still date ur relative. Stay tuned for my own update.

  32. I felt this way too but then I kind of get it... It's not a ration thing by all means. But imagine you spend years of your life being their for someone, and you pay for their wedding AND THEY TAKE YOUR NAME OFF THE INVITES AND LIE ABOUT INVITING UR FRIENDS.

  33. He proved he didn't truly see her as his daughter. Not inviting his friends was a dick move, no argument. But abandoning your child over it? Because that's what he's claiming, that he was her dad. The irony is he calls the bio dad flaky, but he permanently kicked her out his life over this.

  34. They took his name off of everything. They didn't see him as the dad either. Everyone wins

  35. I dont like that this was tagged as "possible transphobia" theres nothing fuckin transphobic in this post. Wtf he tried to make it work because he loved the person but he didnt love the gentials thats life. You cant force someone to be attracted to you. UGH

  36. If you use context, it's obvious that he's talking about penis' in general. Gay guys are really into penises but straight guys are not. His gf has a penis but he isn't like those gay guys it's not hot to him. Expressing that is not transphobic.

  37. Are you a tornado American or an elon musk American?

  38. Are people making fun of this just because it's Chantal and her past behavior?

  39. Once she got so drunk she was sick peetz was trying to help her ans she offered to fuck on camera.

  40. Looking at my little titties like yall fuckin useless xD

  41. I think the issue here isn't even the love vs like debate. I agree emotions are super complicated and i think the "i love him but dont like him" comment would make more sense if she actually loved him.

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