1. I bet I can still get my face down there when you kneel!! Kisses!

  2. The perfect place for my tongue!!!

  3. Hmmm maybe an 11? But I need to taste to know for sure

  4. haha okay good to know :) What you wanna taste? ;)

  5. I want to taste every bit of you!! I need to be thorough, so it will take quite a while!

  6. Yes please sit on my face!! Kisses!

  7. Wish my head was inbetween your legs as you drive :)

  8. How could anyone drive with a person between their legs?

  9. That cleavage needs a dick inbetween it :)

  10. That cleavage isn't big enough for it. the magic of a padded bra pushing them together and my arms helping

  11. I am guessing you are very sweet but I need to taste everything to be sure!

  12. Just thorough! I need to do a complete investigation before accepting that you are indeed sweet!! Kisses!

  13. Damn you were full! That had to be uncomfortable.

  14. wow!! impressive! I'm not talented enough to handle that much yet. So most would end up on my chest

  15. So yummy!!! Makes my nipples even harder!

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