People who are pro-gun, why?

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  1. Eh I’ve been pretty comfy in some engine bays particularly Chevy c/k trucks like this one the man in the picture if working on

  2. Look for third party homie I’ve got a cable that’s like $10 less it does 4k120 and it’s 10 feet longer idk about 8k tho not that 8k is even available for any resonable price

  3. Because it only takes a few to make a whole group look bad, I understand hun violence is at a rampant high and this is why I think proper safety should be taught instead of taking it away, look at drugs they’re illegal yet somehow people still get their hands on them this will be the same way if guns are outlawed, it’s just putting guns in the hands of criminals and taking them away from people who are not. I personally am not a gun owner and may never be, but I have shot guns and I know proper safety, frankly I think instead of pushing tax dollars into hun control we focus on mental help and letting people know that hun violence isn’t a last resort, but at the end of the day that’s just my opinion and you’re allowed to feel different.

  4. I wonder if he’s still into guitar if you’ve seen him play he’s quite good

  5. And what did he think would happen, like I say play stupid games win stupid prizes, and just a friendly reminder your legs are packed full of stuff that really likes to bleed if you’re gonna be dumb at least have some sort of first aid

  6. Robin for sure not just a great dude but a great actor, comedian and spoke a lot of real truths

  7. I’m a beefy slinky man myself and have had no problems but I don’t regularly play if you’re looking for like show stuff I am not too sure

  8. Cat eye? Never heard that unless it was a Silverado I’ve always heard these called catfish you know cause it looks like a catfish

  9. I always used the phrase cat eye, but catfish sounds good to cause it definitely looks like a catfish lol. But yeah i do also hear the phrase when talking in terms of silverado’s.

  10. Look up camaro catfish meme they photoshopped a front end into a catfish it’s pretty funny

  11. Almost got caught eating my exes pussy I was visiting my mom while I was in the middle of looking for jobs and decided to see my at the time girlfriend and bring her home to meet my mom, I took her in the basement and we cuddled for about an hour and than it got dirty I start eating her out and at this time dinner was ready mom opened the basement door which doesn’t have direct eye line of the couch thank Jesus but I just said later and she didn’t want to eat and frankly I already had a mouthful lol.

  12. No! Definitely not and I did not practice this in the shower to hide my true feelings

  13. No just find it funny when doing online races and people see a hot pink Ferrari whiz past them

  14. You need a new nut they’re not super expensive online

  15. My phone really is a trooper it gets dropped on the floor so often

  16. Anything with disgusting people that try and write songs to absolve their issues a few examples Ronnie radke, Aaron Lewis, no matter how shit it is people seem to dig up their music, there really is a lot of shitty music that gets through and gets overplayed to hell on the radio and it’s like you kinda hate it the first time and the 400th time isn’t making it any easier, I get my own personal music taste isn’t for everyone I garuntee control denied is a lot more fundamentally listenable and well written and yet it gets 1/100th the radio plays

  17. He probably told everyone that he came from Yugoslavia but he isn’t necessarily Yugoslavian and/or Slavic . Keep in mind however that majority of those that left that region during or after the Great War were running away from Tito. Reasons are vague but obvious.

  18. From what I’ve heard his head was pretty much on the recruitment chopping block and being a man of reason with a young kid at the time was like fuck that shit and immigrated over

  19. I’ve never heard of him I don’t follow football though I’ve not heard of any personal relation to them

  20. Mazda it’s so well ballenced with stage 4 turbo you’ll never lose

  21. Me in the desert calling to these guys like hey kitty kitty

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