1. Thank you! Do you know if it streams on Spotify?

  2. Fuck it, throw some counter strain in there!

  3. Buy a green machine. Costs about $75 but your problem will go away

  4. Wishing you the best, keep on keeping on

  5. When does this manga volume drop?

  6. I started with 1 Duncan head, now it’s 12+

  7. Ooo could I do this with a RBTA or a trumpet coral? Hb euphillia like torches or hammers? I’m in a very rural area and we dont have mysias shrimp

  8. Euphillia yeah, idk about the rest though. Nems are a lot harder

  9. Late to the party but WOW i love this

  10. Not to be dramatic but you are now my favorite author

  11. tbh it’s my least favorite anime watched which is so unfortunate bc I really wanted to love it. characters are all problematic and the ending leaves you wanting more

  12. It’s okay, but there is no control for it. It also needs to be replaced constantly. That was my biggest issue with DIY CO2

  13. Thanks for the update! I totally forgot about that screw!

  14. Yeah wild stuff! Going to leave this on reddit if anyone can’t figure it out like I couldn’t at first

  15. Born with a credit score of 750

  16. Credit scores are earned through prudent management of the assets you have…it has nothing to do with color….if you’re gonna be dumb you gotta be tough

  17. Still a massive fan of the diversity! Glad everything is doing well!

  18. Mostly friends, but I snagged a 3-headed torch at petco for $63.17 on sale and the other stuff was bought from local reefers

  19. Lololol so $150 for 30+ corals lmao okayyy buddyyy. Let me know how many are alive in 6 months.

  20. looks like an acropora spathulata. unsure on trade name (if it even has one, spath’s are notoriously hard to keep happy and there are only a handful that have made it long term in the hobby)

  21. We are located in Richmond, VA. Dm me and I’ll send you the address

  22. 5 years later and this just saved my life for my next pharm exam review. Thank you king/queen for this youtube link

  23. Ah sorry thought by chance if you were in Edinburgh there was a guy selling old stock of waterbox peninsula 25s picked mine up for £200 (roughly $250)

  24. I appreciate ya checking out tho! Good deal for a WB

  25. New River Valley area in SW virginia

  26. Sumi simply bc she’d let the other 3 duke it out

  27. I remember going there with a friend once and as we were leaving the movie we ran into Dr Torgersen coming out of the same movie. He hung around and we chatted about the movie with him for a while… what a great guy.

  28. Wild bc im reading this while sitting in Torg Hall haha

  29. Okay I want to say that this is the best take on here. Linda catches too much flak and Kouko gets a lot of love when the reality is that Kouko is kind of toxic (as is Banri) at times. Linda is not perfect, but she is more tolerable than people credit her

  30. Saved this post bc im new to reefing and want to have a solid scape. I wanted to order from Amazon and see only 2oz. Is that going to be enough to glue rock for a 13.5gal tank?

  31. Depends on the amount of joints being glued. I like to err on the side of caution and get more. I would do at least two containers if not three just in case.

  32. Awesome, thanks for the pointers!

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