1. This is probably the best cart I’ve ever had. This cart is different from the other Kurvana carts I’ve had. Super smooth!

  2. What other carts have you tried? I need to get my hands on the carbon Kurvana carts.

  3. From Kurvana, I’ve had Cosmic Glue, Wedding Cake, Northern Lights, Cactus Cooler, Lunar OG and Jet Black. Wedding Cake is the one I fuck with the most.

  4. Very smooth but you have to pull a decent amount to get a good hit, I use a yocan uni pro.

  5. More of a rosin taste with a hint of banana on the back end. No candy taste to it.

  6. it listed terpes as a %? yeah that’s some boof dawg

  7. It’s legit, from a dispo in Long Beach, CA.

  8. I had some of the older hardware just white plastic I believe with a ccell. Wasn't super great.. Strong and smooth, but burned REALLY fast. I only had 2 but they tasted very similar.. Kind of like how selects taste very similar.

  9. I like it, It hits super smooth but you’re right. It does burns quickly (even though I’m hitting it on a lower voltage).

  10. Good carts for the price, you can usually find them at dispos in Cali for $30 for a gram.

  11. Dam I bet! I had Fire OG and it was 🔥🔥, going to have to try their cactus cooler next.

  12. Have you tried Timeless's cactus chiller? Also tastes EXACTLY like cactus cooler

  13. The Timeless carts available in Cali??

  14. Plug N Play, Kurvana, Lowell Farms and Raw Garden are all good ones to get in Cali.

  15. Not OP but I get a more consistent high with the Hashtabs than with the Protabs even though they are made by the same company. About 40% of the Protabs I've ingested have been duds but haven't gotten a single dud with the Hashtabs.

  16. Yea I feel the same way! I mean it says it’s the same amount of THC but the hashtabs just hit a little more

  17. They’re really good, takes about an hour to kick in.

  18. Hell nah, you can get something better for that price in Cali.

  19. Haha me too! Definitely one of the better carts brands out here in Cali.

  20. Give your lungs a break and switch to edibles for a few days.

  21. Yeah but who testing those. I ain’t trusting a 96% purity. Lord knows they are putting at least 5% terps in there

  22. They’re from a legal dispo in Cali (Long Beach to be specific), I have no worries at all. You pay more but for the peace of mind, it’s worth it!

  23. What is the prevailing argument against them? I have “Elite” cart from them. Disty. I’m really impressed by it. Something about them being huge makes me trust their purity more.

  24. Nothing wrong with them but there’s a lot better options in Cali. It’s like comparing a new Honda Civic to a new Benz.

  25. For the price, can’t go wrong with a Honeyleaf cart.

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