1. I’ve used the herbivore cloud jelly, which also has mushroom in it, and it had absolutely zero smell. If I were you I’d maybe swing by a Sephora if you can and smell their tester to see if it’s similar or not. I know a lot of herbivore products are quite pungent, but the mushroom line doesn’t seem to be one of them so I’d do a double check if you’re able to to be on the safe side.

  2. You’re fine. Our corgi maxed out at 17lbs, and that’s at 2 years after she rounded out. She was about 15lbs at 1 year. As long as your vet says the pup is proportional and has a good waistline don’t worry about their actual size/weight. I’ve learned on here that healthy pups can range from about 15-40lbs as long as their weight is proportional to size.

  3. I don’t find these to be great tbh. If you want a natural splash of colour and great moisture I’d check out both Bobbi Brown extra lip tint and/or Milk makeup Kush balm. Both are incredibly moisturizing with a “your lips but better” splash of colour.

  4. I’ve noticed an uptick in hotels wanting more proof that it’s for business travel. Recently had to send a copy of a conference agenda in order to get the gov rate for a weekend arrival (in addition to showing gov ID at check in)

  5. That’s a bit much. I’ve had legitimate work travel on the weekend and I definitely wouldn’t be traveling with any sort of “agenda” attached to my work since it’s day to day operations.

  6. It's usually for access to the Play store, to download apps.

  7. I did same. A separate throwaway email just so I could download needed apps made sense to me in this situation.

  8. In a not small amount of sarcasm -- have you considered stopping making ATIP requests as a thank you?

  9. This. By the time the request makes it down to the worker bee level the email from above pretty much says “Hey guys! You have about 10 minutes from receipt of this email to filter through 50000 files, emails, papers, etc to see if you ever wrote anything about fluffy puppies. If you fail to check your email in the next 10 minutes, you’re going to be fired for not submitting on time, sorry not sorry for the short TAT!” I have had up to 3 of these emails in one day, which prevents me from doing my actual job (ie waste of taxpayer $$). Please, I beg you, only make these requests when you really need the information.

  10. Hermès L'Ambre des Merveilles Calligraphie:

  11. Oh my, is this a special edition bottle for L’Ambre or is it a unique scent?

  12. It's a limited edition bottle.

  13. I think the whole thing is honestly a huge overstep by the government tbh. I’ve always known my gender, but can you imagine if you weren’t quite out or decided about something yet and your workplace forcing you to decide on a gender and out yourself right here and now because “policy”? They need to take a huge step back and examine how forcing the issue will inevitably blow up in their face. At this point, if it’s not a choice it’s honestly just a meaningless gesture by a government pretending to be woke.

  14. I feel this way too. The band wagonning just feels like a way for cis folks to pat them selves on the back while creating pressure for questioning people to out themselves. The gender identify of the compensation advisor processing my forms is not relevant to that service delivery. Buttt, I have a gender ambiguous name and I sometimes benefit from some male privilege as a result, so maybe I’m just selfish.

  15. Fully agree. The whole thing has zero bearing on my ability to do my job, and I’m personally not bothered if someone accidentally refers to me as a man (because I’m in a male dominated field and they might accidentally respect me more for 30 seconds).

  16. Mine gave me a few thousand in Amazon gift cards lol

  17. Oh my god, you must have dropped a pretty penny on that house to get thousands. We got $600 in gift cards to home reno and decor stores (bought a fixer upper, so appreciated those) and I shudder at how much we spent, lol!

  18. Just a two bedroom condo in Vancouver

  19. Semi in Toronto here, but it literally didn’t have a kitchen when we bought it so I’m guessing you spent more, lol. Not sure whether to laugh or cry anymore, but at least we both have housing 🤷‍♀️

  20. Oh herbivore, I want to love your products so much but they always end up betraying me. All the fresh items I’ve gotten from them have worked so well, and I love what they are trying to do as a company, but I have gotten so many moldy, expired, rotten things from them I just wouldn’t take a chance buying multiples and storing them EVER. I do love their stuff, but I specifically buy from Sephora so they are fresher and so I can return or exchange when things do go bad (which is often).

  21. Herbivore products do change color depending on storage and when the product wa made. Sometimes consistency can change too...for those reasons I didn't pick it. I love herbivore products but their shelf life isn't that long and like Vitamin C products, I wouldn't trust to get it from FabFitFun.

  22. Mmm this is a good point actually. I’ve had herbivore products from Sephora arrive already spoiled (looking at you blue tansy mask), so this might be a bit of a gamble.

  23. Thanks all, just wanted to double check before making my purchase or not!

  24. Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Origins all have amazing sales (up to 40%) and regular full-size GWP from their Canadian sites.

  25. That’s why I picked it! I’ve not used this specific toner but generally I really like Elemis products

  26. It has a great lavender scent. If you’re sensitive to scent it might not be for you, but I absolutely love using it before bed.

  27. I’m glad to see them offering non-pink items finally! Teal is my favorite, so if we get these cups in addition to the teal bowls from winter (which I just chose) I’m a happy camper :)

  28. How do they best treat Lyme's disease? Like, once they know your dog has it, how do they deal with gastro flare ups and joint stiffness?

  29. If you catch it early it can be treated in dogs. Tell your vet you took a tick off the dog. They will have you in for a blood test in like 4-6 weeks (I forget the specifics) to confirm if the dog contracted Lyme. If yes, then they can start a month long pill treatment. You can test blood again after too to confirm if the meds worked. You do have to address it immediately, because if left too long it does become untreatable. Please follow up with your vet immediately for their advice.

  30. Indeed! But doesn't the dép stop selling booze at a certain hour? I recall not being able to buy booze after 11 or 12. Still better than TO

  31. Accurate. As of my last trip it was 11 pm, I found myself literally sprinting through the icy streets to get there before cut off to grab more wine, lol.

  32. I don’t hate the free refreshments shower comb I got 🤷‍♀️ Thats pretty much their only good product though sorry, not sorry

  33. This is getting WILD! maybe I could understand one product slipping through some sort of QC process, but it seems now like we're talking about 5 or more brands, probably a dozen or more products. It's unbelievable.

  34. After the KS debacle I’ll bet they had some intern look at expiration dates for the first time ever and realized 90% of their beauty products are past their dates. I got an email about the huna balm, so add that to the list.

  35. Agree with this. I love it, but it’s incredibly strong so make sure you take the instructions seriously (3 mins I think?), at least the first couple times you use it. I use lots of actives/peels and the first time I used this for only 3 mins and I was extremely pink, but my face was soft and smooth as a baby’s butt.

  36. When we first got our dog I found my husband doing this a few times. I scolded him, told him it was gross and not to do it again.

  37. Coffee Break is their weakest one by FAR. I can hardly smell it and it’s gone in 5 minutes. I find that Autumn Vibes lasts the longest on me, I get ~8 to 10 hours from it. Beach Walk and By The Fireplace perform well too.

  38. I beg to differ. When the rain stops is unfortunately both my favorite and the most fleeting. I would pay double if it lasted longer.

  39. It’s amazing, it’s such a tragedy that its gone almost immediately.

  40. Ooooo crossing my fingers I can get some of the GR clay mask. I almost tried it last Sephora sale, but glad I waited!

  41. The dog toys are super cute although the dog in my life is a super chewer so these would not last, but I love the little fff box!

  42. Mine basically loves each toy, giving it kind gentle treatment… right up until the day she “slates them for destruction”. Then it’s a no holds barred shreadfest, so I’m actually really appreciating these toy refills, lol.

  43. They are super easy to cancel. You just unclick in your next box.

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