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  1. It isn’t though, it doesn’t say he admits for the first time or anything to that matter. I have said that I don’t like the way this is covered or simplistic posts like this, but that isn’t what I am saying. That is actually a different argument and you ignored pretty much everything I said. I don’t love people weighing in who haven’t followed this and only saw the headlines, but that’s the world we live in. This is sloppy more than it is unfair.

  2. That is his argument in the clip, so it is not necessarily a lie. I don’t think it’s good reporting, but not a lie. The reason that this case wasn’t outside the statute of limitations was that he went on his show and repeated the lie that sandy hook was a hoax less than a year before the suit was filed. He, again, kept distancing himself and saying it was real, then insinuating it was a hoax as recently as last year. I think this is reactionary, sloppy clickbait, but you were also defending Alex Jones, which was the point of my response.

  3. I hate that F2P has become the norm. People who say cosmetics don’t matter never grinded out ps2 games to get a cool item with no gameplay value. The fact that micro transactions are the norm in F2P, but also box single player games, is so irritating. Cosmetics are a part of a game and hiding them behind paywalls is such a scummy move. The idea of making your game look like an ad and hijacking people’s dopamine to convince them to buy cosmetics, specifically targeting kids and ‘whales’, has ruined my overall opinion of this industry.

  4. And why exactly is that a bad thing?

  5. Two party system isn’t a thing, coalescing around the most likely candidate that will win and shares most of your beliefs is. Single member districts with plurality voting inherently creates two factions. There is also the issue that our system was made to foster regional candidates with varying positions, rather than nationalized parties. We vote by party in a parliamentary fashion, but our systems continue the false belief that we are voting for individual candidates. For a multiparty system we need to fundamentally change the way we run elections.

  6. New parties do nothing without a change in voting systems. Strategic voting and big tent parties are the only result from single member districts determined by a plurality. Even majoritarian voting systems in single member districts drawn by political groups will not lead to a significant increase in third party candidates. If we changed to a truly proportional electoral system, then multiparty elections would be amazing, but we don’t. People talk about the “two-party system” as if it is enshrined and creating a new party will fix it. Nowhere does our system create two parties, but it is the natural conclusion to our elections. Anyone who thinks ranked choice voting will fix the problem also doesn’t fully understand the core of the issue. I did a full academic research study on the effects of ranked choice voting on outcomes when compared to run-off elections, which is the same concept, and there is no evidence to support the idea that there are significant differences in general election outcomes. The idea that more popular candidates would win also relies on the idea that 5 centrist candidates represent the same interests as two far left candidates, two far right candidates, and a centrist candidate. A muddied “centrist” position is not the same as a diversity of positions.

  7. Well, I think that because this is the closest thing to public discussion we are able to have, you are now obligated to share some of your reads:) RCV is already being implemented in the US (the main reason Senator Lisa Murkowski still has a job). I’m interesting to see if proportional election could be implemented (and functional) locally and through state ballot initiatives or if it is dependent on other districts and states to follow suit. Sounds like it may be more of a top down reform than something citizens can reform bottom up and independent of those benefitting from the game.

  8. Lisa Murkowski is also a famous example of a senator elected with the smallest plurality of the vote, not RCV. It is an example some people use of how RCV could change an outcome in the opposite way, because 56% of people voted for someone else.

  9. Lisa Murkowski was not elected through Alaskas RCV process? Or..Alaskas RCV process does not promote plurality?

  10. RCV was implemented 4 years after her last election. This year will be the first year she is on the ballot with RCV

  11. Make electric cars. Elon Musks body is a mech like wrecking ball.

  12. Duke because I think I would like it better in Durham than Charlottesville. There is no wrong choice here IMO.

  13. NC native, brother lived in Charlottesville for years. Durham > Charlottesville

  14. Bring a snack. I did that last semester and it was fine, but I usually got hungry before the third class.

  15. That happened to me recently where half a car was empty and I realized there was a homeless woman who was actively urinating in the middle… still enjoyed my empty row and not the worst thing I have smelled in the metro, so eh.

  16. Sounds like a consumer protection complaint in the making. If this is a widespread issue and they clearly aren’t offering refunds, plus they are threatening to terminate your account with the value of other games you have purchased, could be a class-action. Very curious how wide spread it is.

  17. Wonder if they have a homeowners association and how much pressure could be put on the Kavanaughs to have to move. That is a legitimate form of protest and a way to abuse an institution, which he should be familiar with.

  18. Not defending the guy AT ALL but I will use this as an opportunity to introduce anyone to

  19. You don’t deserve downvotes. Derrick comedy was my jam in high school.

  20. Isn’t that the guy who was instrumental in selling the bullshit hedge funds and banks were pushing before the economic collapse in 2008, then tried to pretend he was the victim when called out by Jon Stewart? Interesting for him to take the high road here.

  21. Remember this the next time the south gets mocked for not knowing how to handle 2 inches of snow

  22. Why is this dude saying something that is not particularly earth shattering a headline? How lazy have media organizations gotten?

  23. I would say just pick a hero you like, watch videos, and play a lot. I started as a Wrecking Ball main, and he isn’t particularly easy. Became a one-trick for like 6 months before learning other heroes.

  24. Open an investigation for bribery. He launders coal money through his personal business that is a direct violation of senate ethics rules and to the right judge a clear instance of bribery. That kind of charge might not hold up in court, but it would send a message and make him sweat.

  25. And then he flips to the Republican side and McConnell becomes majority leader?

  26. I mean, the fact is that our democracy is fucked. Might as well do the right thing. At least show up and threaten an investigation rather than just roll over

  27. I was in the first batch in the first beta, this one not yet. First day sign up. I hate the pay for access shit and refuse to do the equivalent of a preorder with blizzards recent track record. I really dislike the current trajectory of this industry. Like when did $25-50 single cosmetics become normalized? The “live service needs to pay for itself” argument is nonsense. It explains the idea of micro transactions at all, but the greed of it drives me insane. I would have paid $60 for the game to cover costs and drive sales, but I will not pay that much for 2-3 skins. Like, if Valorant had reasonably priced skins I would buy some, same with other games, but I refuse to pay more than $5-10 on any in-game cosmetic on principle. Long-story short, none of my friends have gotten access yet and I don’t expect more than half of us will. They just want money and don’t care about integrity or their players anymore. Haven’t since Activision got more control of the company.

  28. Would right to repair laws protect you if you choose to tamper with the computers in the car? It seems like an interesting legal question.

  29. Tbf, fuck airlines these days. They keep shrinking what you can bring and charging more for what used to be an assumption. I feel more for that dude than anyone else in the scenario.

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