1. As a lifelong Miami heat fan I am glad you fixed it.

  2. As a lifelong Mavs fan I miss 2011 and wanted your guys against the Mavs in the finals this year.

  3. We can’t. Earliest Boban can come back is next summer.

  4. Trust me if I had one it would be yours. Watched TT before the game tonight after restarting the LoTR books this morning.

  5. I’m a lurker and I don’t comment on this sub that much, but this man is going to be awesome, if he’s anything like who he played on Longmire, he’ll KNOCK this role outta the park!

  6. Mavs still won't be good enough with Christian Wood. People will continue to blame everyone but Luka.

  7. You haven’t been to the Mavs sub have you? Every other week we blame Luka for something

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