1. With all due respect, can you please delete this. I know you’re voicing your own opinion, but that’s a little uncalled for just a bit.

  2. To herself: “I’m coming Lee, Kenny, Ben, Omid, Christa, Mom… and Dad…”

  3. Idk man, with how Minnie tanked everything else, she's probably still alive and would kill Michonne

  4. But if you chose to rescue Louis and make Violet prisoner, Clementine knocks Minervas lights out with a single punch so if you came to hand to hand combat, I think Clementine solos

  5. No, not really. I have a bunch of drafts saved up. I’ve just been busy with work and I haven’t had a chance to post them.

  6. “This is what I’m capable of doing at 17? Ha! Just be glad that I’m not an adult yet”

  7. This is kinda cherrypicking what you take as bad moments without adding any of the beauty to Kenny's character that makes his relationship with Clementine really lovely too though. A couple exaggerations too but I can't blame you or change your mind if that's what you took away from it.

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