1. Hard pass!! I thought maybe the fried ice cream but the calorie count is ridiculous

  2. I agree. Wayyy too sweet for me. They all tasted the same to me, hella sugar

  3. I’d like to add I had confetti cake, and it is honestly one of my all time faves

  4. I found it very bland. Not a bad cookie but not worth the high price

  5. Cookie Butter- 5/5--This is now one of my favorites. It was so good yet did not taste like pure sugar. Some of Crumbl's cookies are just too sweet for me. This cookie came w tons of frosting but again a great balance of sweet. I recommend it chilled.

  6. Not yet. I wanted to first try this because if it was as good as I hoped I'd want more. Now I can buy a bigger box and try rocky road Not sure about the others

  7. I agree. The complaints are over the top. If you are that unhappy stop going to Crumbl and leave this page. That's what I will do if I lose interest

  8. Pina Colada and the Samoa wanna be. Both made my tummy turn within seconds. Not saying they were bad but straight up sugar to me. Gross

  9. My top 5 so far- cornbread-kentucky butter-boston cream pie-banana cream pie-choc potato chip

  10. I needed a skip week and this comes close. I will try the smores

  11. I really think you got a shitty store. Both berry and KB were very moist by me.

  12. What does butter cake taste like?

  13. I'm thinking of getting a 4 pack tomorrow of Kentucky butter cake, berry crunch, caramel coconut fudge and the last cookie I'm indecisive on either the nilla bean cupcake or if they have any leftover molten lava. What do y'all think should be my 4th cookie?

  14. I do not tip. They get full pay and do not rely on tips. Plus since when is there tipping for that?

  15. Is the caramel coconut fudge sweeter than the girl scout cookie version?

  16. Thank you. I checked that thread and didn't see that post. Next week sounds amazing

  17. Kentucky Butter is a party in your mouth!! Best cookie!!!

  18. I’d say it’s definitely worth it.. especially, if you get a four pack because that’s a much better deal than buying a singular cookie.. (even tho I lately have only been getting one cookie) but if you like enough of the flavors for this upcoming week I would say go for the four pack! Teddy Graham cookie is definitely a must get!

  19. What is the teddy bear one like? I feel like I may really love it

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