1. He’s involved but not nearly as much as alexis. I just commented in another thread that I think Alexis said she has full custody because Evan is trying to get his doctorate (and presumably paying Alexis a lot of child support to do so). For all her faults, Alexis definitely does the heavy lifting as a parent between her and Evan, and you can tell she resents it. I never thought that tess might be the one who told Evan about the money/divorce thing - that’s a good theory and makes sense with the betrayal Alexis talked about! Someone else in here suggested it might have been AJ McLeans wife and that’s why she and Alexis don’t seem to talk anymore, but the tess theory definitely makes sense. It would also explain why Alexis is so desperate for tess to “come clean” or whatever about the bling ring as a form of revenge.

  2. I didn’t even know she and AJ’s wife were friends. I clearly haven’t been paying attention.

  3. She was on the podcast at least twice, once with Aj. They seemed very sincere in their approach to sobriety and overall betterment. So huge loss for Alexis.

  4. I used to listen to AJs podcast and he does seem fully committed to his sobriety. It was inspiring to hear.

  5. Nicks parents got him a different lawyer. Nick fired them and chose this guy.

  6. He has 2 children, one with his ex wife and one with his current girlfriend.

  7. She deleted any mention of it from her story. I’m also betting on her backing out.

  8. I think she meant in the movie adaptation? Taissa Farmiga played “Tess” (I can’t remember the characters name, but it was meant to portray Tess) and she was shown in a few of the burglary scenes.

  9. She will probably come up with some BS that Tess gave Gabby drugs or something.

  10. According to a preview video that Alexis posted, Gabby, Nick and Tess robbed Rachel Bilsons house.

  11. I honestly can barely remember Season 3. That’s how boring it was.

  12. Okay what is with these people smelling each other? I have been with my boyfriend almost 6 years and I don’t go around sniffing his breath or his body, let alone random coworkers.

  13. Netflix doesn't want to pay royalties for 80s music on this show lol

  14. But they’ll pay for it on The Circle 😂

  15. LA is not THAT far from the OC. Clearly jason drives back and forth

  16. There were over 10 minutes of ads in this weeks episode. Like ???

  17. Seasons 2 and 3 were filmed back to back, and I think they had them sign contracts for a different show. Then when the THTH reveal happened they signed new contracts. So I do believe these contestants were genuinely surprised, but since we’ve now had 3 US seasons and several international seasons I can’t see anyone not knowing what show they’re on.

  18. apparently he and mia tried dating outside of the show and both cheated on each other soooooo

  19. Danny did an interview and said the same thing. It was with the Reality Alert podcast.

  20. I mean, it wouldn’t surprise me. He’s always traveling

  21. How did you figure out it was in there? I have pressure in my jaw sometimes and I’m starting to wonder if maybe this is going on in my mouth too.

  22. The first dentist I went to mentioned it. He rinsed out the hole and re-stitched the wound. A week later my gums got swollen, so I went to an on-call dentist at night. He took a quick look and said it was healed and removed the stitches. As my gums were still swollen a few days later (and being an avid participant in this sub), I just started pushing it and to my surprise, a bunch of food came out.

  23. Good to know, thank you. I have a dentist appointment later this month so I should know then.

  24. Tell me I’m not the only one who saw @kathleenjenningsbeauty post “ Amber where’s that kit?” in reference to covering up a black eye. So tone deaf.

  25. It was in her stories so it may have expired. Or she may have deleted.

  26. She was just on both the bachelor and bachelorette So dwts would be her 3rd reality show in a row! She used to be a nurse & cheerleader but retired and now reality tv is her thing. I think she's just ok personally. Her brand is quirky/sexy girl and she has lots of fans.

  27. I wish they’d stop pulling people from the Bachelor franchise

  28. Honestly, f*ck this couple. They’re both problematic.

  29. Is he really bragging about the fact that he stopped seeing his kids because some woman told him to? #confused

  30. I also looked up their license numbers and learned that Jarvis’ first name isn’t even Alexandra, it’s Rachael.

  31. I’ve always thought she was obnoxious. I’m glad others are starting to come around.

  32. This childless woman has no desire to go to Disney. Wonder if she still hates me with a burning passion 😂

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