1. I have not heard good news about this subreddit nor the app itself. I rather just find alternatives to this barely working program. Feel free to down vote. I honestly just don't care at this point in time. And also if you have read this far I am sorry that I have no fix to this issue.

  2. whats a better alternative? im getting errors when i sideload as well

  3. it's about uniformity across consoles, tellies and PC's, if you are processing 120 frames per second, and me at 60 then you'd be be getting your information before me giving you a huge advantage

  4. Servers run at 60 ticks, there is no advantage here at all.

  5. Nobody else is having a problem playing this game on 60fps? Actually, the overwhelmingly vast majority of gamers don't have a problem playing any game on 60fps. I'm not saying it's impossible for a higher frame rate to look even nicer, but acting like 60fps is intolerable and beneath you is wildly cringy and entitled.

  6. Bruh most people are counting frames and shit while playing or practicing, this isn’t as crazy as the smash community. Technology moving forward is a good thing, we should be allowed a smoother experience if we want to.

  7. If u can, try getting it on pc. The game seems to be pretty much unplayable with the amount of bugs they have right now.

  8. I can’t get it on pc unfortunately, those are my only two options, I’m leaning more toward switch right now though

  9. I think the switch version is stuck at 30 fps as of right now

  10. Those are 9 words that don’t belong together

  11. Excellent tips, I’ll keep these in mind thanks

  12. Yeah and maybe they can make him take up less than half the screen, so I can actually play

  13. I mean size is his gimmick and that why he has to be that strong. Thats why in one combo with hitstun I can do 150 plus damage with characters lol

  14. It just feels like fighting a boss instead of another player, I play Finn and I can dish out a lot of attacks but sometimes I just can’t get his ass off stage

  15. Yes. This is going to be the only way you make certain moves in the air without messing with your left stick and changing your trajectory while airborne.

  16. Cuz of mods. It’s patched right now

  17. I really want a battle pass hope I win :)

  18. It’s because of the mods. They patched mods currently.

  19. I mean it depends on the mod. The mod I use seems to work just fine

  20. There probably will be soon enough. The game feels soooo nice on pc with 144 hz

  21. The map where you either die instantly or live to 200%

  22. Kinda why I just play 1v1. Also easier to learn how other people play in 1v1

  23. Do you think they should have 1v1 perks? I feel like it should be to separate the 2 game modes

  24. Yea that could be cool, we’ll wait and see I guess

  25. Sounds like you enjoy 1v1 but it's not the main mode. 1v1 games don't have supports who's role is only to enhance allies. The Evo tournament was 2v2.

  26. Idk I see this as a fighting game like smash, so I just wanna get good with fighting someone on my own. Feels less rewarding with a teammate

  27. It's fine ! But a second finger seems to grow on my hand

  28. Yea I can’t believe something like that would happen for a launch day of sorts lol

  29. Apparently they fucked up a bunch of stuff with hit boxes and other things that weren’t supposed to come with the patch yet

  30. Game literally recommends shaggy.

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