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  1. The only truly worthy prey in the Looney Tunes universe is the Road Runner.

  2. Can’t remember my specific first gaming experience, but I can remember my friends and I gathering around an N64 to fight in Goldeneye, Star Fox, or Mario Kart. Now I get to share that thrill with my kids (at least for Mario Kart!)

  3. las8 says:

    Fermented foods and probiotic supplements are the two most common sources.

  4. Where was this taken? I need to plan my next vacation to the Empire

  5. Crazy to think that they're going to get to

  6. That base model storage sucks though. Current prices of micro SD cards make this actually a $460 base machine and you can have a faster more reliable and higher storage NVME for $100 more.

  7. According to the site it’s supposed to have Steamlink in it already, so might be good for those of us wanting to use our good computers to game while sitting in the living room.

  8. The world's largest bag weighs more than a small vehicle - 2515 pounds

  9. You think CSTs have the time to troubleshoot your's and everyone else's problem?

  10. Or in some cases, the actual rights to fix the underlying issue?

  11. I’m Commander Shepherd, and this is my favorite post on Twitter

  12. GAL display information is pulled from MILPDS. Curious for a personnelist to chime in if the USSF E-1 - E-5 ranks are even an option for them to choose from yet

  13. I know Leave Web has been updated with USSF specific ranks, so it’s possible

  14. MILPDS & DEERS aren't standalone databases since they affect entitlements. I suspect it will take a longer time to roll out.

  15. That’s a very good point, and considering they have to make a bunch of changes to the back end that haven’t had to be done for a long time, it may take them a bit longer to implement.

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