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  1. That's so nice! My younger cousins were good at using my new name when I first changed it

  2. Yeah I think its a meme about how a lot of trans women like Monster

  3. Trans men too, it's like a weird shared like for trans people lol

  4. That sounds like emotional abuse. Making YOU apologize for HIS insecurity is not right, I had to deal with a person who'd similarily make feelings that were theirs to deal with my problem and my fault somehow. It's not true. I'm sorry you went through this and I hope you know that you didn't need to apologize in many of these situations.

  5. I'm afab so its maybe not the same, but I have fairly thick leg hair that I don't shave and I wear skirts. Not many people seem to notice

  6. I've been on a low dose for a few months and am seeing some facial hair darkening/growth and acne so far

  7. Averie is a great person! She's an artist and looks like this last piece had a lot of effort put into it!

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