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  1. I mean he stole a few ears I find it hard to care about him getting richer

  2. Hey, I’m terribly sorry to ask, but where can I read more about what’s going on in China?


  4. Wrong, she has more kills than the rest of them combined. Didn't expected that, huh? Always the quiet ones

  5. Met a guy in prison who didn’t know how long he’d be there yet but expected quite a few years for a bar fight death

  6. I can personally attest, lived in MN my whole life, I've never seen tuna on a pizza

  7. No cause we are talking about all species not one type of fish

  8. I'm talking about a single fish. Not species, just a fish.

  9. If it happens 5 times it will Recruitment is often a dept under the HR wing. Also if they are costing the company employees then they may get fired

  10. Glassdoor review and leave the recruiters first name

  11. Was gonna say the same. Different fighting styles Forsure

  12. The running shoe market is insane. The ASICS Metaspeed Sky+/Edge+ and Nike’s Alphafly 2 sell out the minute more of them become available.

  13. Ying/Yang episodes. I always skip. I loved he in the musical though. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  14. Idk why you are being downvoted I disagree strongly with your decision But we were asking for opinions!

  15. This is pretty much the opposite of satisfying. Yes, she was called out. Yay. Good job. That does absolutely nothing but give her exposure, and it lead to her following tripling. Very satisfying

  16. She was kicked off socials and made an only fans video crying about it

  17. In the artifact menu, tap the anvil icon.

  18. I’ve not really seen this but I don’t go on relationship posts much. Got some examples?

  19. I don’t care for award ceremonies but glad to hear he’s being recognised for his talent

  20. Yes! Season 1 was great can’t wait to dive back in

  21. Next get a Corgie and they can double the the frolicking cuteness💕💕💕🤣

  22. Or get an animal that won’t have a shit life just cause you want it to be cute

  23. Is there not a symbol that says edited on the official app?

  24. Wow, this is the very definition of important context missed out in the original post.

  25. I mean that’s what love is though isn’t it? Putting yourself 2nd for another when they need you

  26. What an absolute see you next Tuesday to leave that out of the original post

  27. Except they aren't. The showrunners outright said they didn't know the Harfoots were one of three families that comprised the Shire, despite them being present in the trailer.

  28. Harfoot: Not strictly a family, but rather one of the three 'breeds' of hobbits. The name is derived from 'hair-foot'. (Wiki)

  29. If you have to rely on a wiki (something that can easily be edited by anyone who logs in at random) to fact-check me based on a technicality, then I can only presume you operate by the typical 'it doesn't matter to me' logic that plagues other subreddits.

  30. Can’t be fucked to read your vitriol anymore. Maybe one sentence but you’ve not earned my time.

  31. I wouldn’t say universal excitement I’ve not seen it mentioned positively outside this subreddit

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