1. I use lukewarm water, dr bronners Castile liquid soap, & a magic eraser. Seriously works in seconds.

  2. I have that same illness - minus the funds. 😅😅

  3. I have a severely tight glute inferior that caused my hip to become misaligned which then caused knee pain. It’s alllll connected. A couple months of PT (literally the poor therapist just kneaded out that knot for half an hour because my programming already has good stretching / warmups. Now that I’m “done” (by that I mean insurance won’t cover any more) with PT - I HAVE to keep up on rolling out my glutes, stretching, and using a theragun on the tender / tight spot.

  4. After sharing her dorky dance you’d think she would be a little more kind about people having fun.

  5. I’m thinking about going for a long weekend. Of course I want to do the tour (and staying there too, 3 nights) what’s there to do in the area? Is the hotel worth it? (as far as spending the night there).

  6. It’s expensive but worth it if you have the money and an interest in history. Lots of stores and restaurants in town. There’s also a giant monument Jesus right outside of town

  7. Yes!! It’s been a long time since we took a trip & it’s for our 10 year. I saw there’s an underground tour of eureka too? (Not the hotel, the town in general). I need to make a solid plan with some fallbacks for just in case, since we’re not there super long.

  8. I know this is about the tan but she’s asking for help with a piercing bump - she continued to swap the stud for a hoop: something that makes them worse. & I’m willing to be the jewelry is cheap which is AWFUL for healing piercings too.

  9. She just gives away that feet content; surprised she doesn’t try to make money off those things.

  10. They are NOT the same. I ordered the Samoas on eBay & was reminded what I’m missing out on. The caramel delites come in a close second, but the HY-VEE brand Cravn is the closest by appearance. Keebler is just sad.

  11. Ok but cottage cheese + everything bagel seasoning + Doritos is actually really good. 😅

  12. She reminds me of those girls that used to type out their first day of school outfits on the old AOL message boards. Everything was AE, Hollister, or A&F. Everything listed from the clothes down to the blueberry Lip Smackers gloss. All for attention.

  13. Currently dealing with this. Had terrible pain, prescribed clotrimazole drops but wasn’t great at remembering to do them so the clogged feeling is back. Any update?

  14. Just surfacing on 5 different pores. Ice it to help with swelling. Heat will bring them up to the surface if you must.

  15. Very well could be - but I have cystic acne and when mine comes to a head it looks like this. The pressure pain is unreal and that’s what I do to relieve it.

  16. I’ve taken it for years. I weaned myself off of it without issue… but I’m back on it now. BEFORE I ever took Balance, literally back to when I first started my cycle as a teen, my periods were so out of whack. A few months after quitting balance it happened again - period every two week just like when I was growing up. The only thing that ever regulated me was birth control until Balance. It truly does work for me personally, but I agree not everyone needs it or should take it.

  17. Did she already take out her second nose ring she just got last week?

  18. She got a second piercing? Missed that story

  19. Just goes to show -- when you order a watch, you should watch your order.

  20. Ope. Didn’t see there’s an update available! Will do that, thank you!

  21. I don’t waste food. At all. It took me a long time to get rid of “finish your plate” mentality. I grab smaller portions; I make meals out of leftovers (not just reheat, make a whole other meal out of what we have); when we are having family dinners I take small servings to make sure others can have some (my fiancé grew up way different than me, if he gets the mashed potatoes first - good luck to anyone else. I love him but that does drive me nuts.) I have money to get more food, thankfully, but I can’t waste & feel immense guilt if I do. Same with clothes. I happily thrift nowadays because I enjoy it, it saves me money, but back then it was my best option to get something “new.” I brag about a deal I snagged or how little something cost me without thinking twice about the judgement that might bring (being looked down upon for that).

  22. Continue the topical and continue the probiotics. You should also be on a topical benzoyl peroxide with the clindamycin to prevent resistance. Have you been to a dermatologist? (MD or DO). They would have good recommendations for skin care, and best medications for your type of acne.

  23. Yes, my derm prescribed the antibiotics; he didn’t say anything about using benzoyl peroxide, but dr Google told me I should - so I use PanOxyl face wash in the morning & the topical Clindamycin in the evening. Thank you!!

  24. Ok so has anyone reported her for animal abuse? Baby or not - she allowed it to happen.

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