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  1. Bro I just ordered like 20 packs ☠️☠️☠️

  2. My playlist was similar to yours years ago like 2013-2018 so I’m basing off of that

  3. How do you even get Shiney's? I've recently started playing Shield as my first pokemon and don't know much about it.

  4. There’s a whole bunch of methods I recommend to watch YouTube to fully detail them

  5. It should record up to 30 seconds if you have space on it.

  6. Hey remember that time I gave you a stick of gum in kindergarten

  7. He gave out after like 3 digs then out of nowhere went super sayian and forced to click the screen for like 10 minutes

  8. You can see how amazed that charizard are: 😳

  9. Thank you. I don't watch one piece (no hatred, just never watched) but out of all the women I've seen, I've never seen a dark skin one until now. Seeing this saddens me beyond words. I spend allot of time art searching and dark skin women in general get fucked over on the regular. So seeing this... Doesn't look well done in any aspect. I've seen countless women in this anime and regardless of your personal feelings, they look nice or you can see how someone would like them but when it comes time to make a dark skin one... this is what we get.

  10. You clearly haven’t watched one piece, it’s art style is very goofy and cartoony for EVERY type of character and I would say black characters are well represented

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