1. Having just gotten my own first wide brim hat today (although more for practical purposes), I’ve come to say that I love your hat! The red looks amazing on you as well.

  2. Thank you! I am vigilant about sun protection but used to use caps but the wide brim hat is so much more fun

  3. I have yet to truly get on the sun protection train 😅 but you’re right about it being fun. It was a surprise to find out how much of a personal bubble it creates. I tried wearing it in the house and kept bumping into everything.

  4. Not only is it too tall for SN recs/accomodations, it’s a height that automatically puts you as a yang dom (D/SD/FN). You could totally be a SN (or Yin Natural?) in any other system, just not Kibbe’s.

  5. At first I typed myself at around age 15-16 as a SN , which if you've met me in person you'll know that I absolutely am .

  6. I typed myself SN too when I was that age, but also like you I’m around your height (5’9).

  7. I like the color of the first, the color and shape of the third, and the shape of the last one.

  8. I’m going to say D. Don’t crucify me.

  9. I personally think she’s FN. All i can see is the width in her shoulders. Her bones are very blunt and she has a very straight figure. and I don’t think she has a strong enough vertical to be a D.

  10. Wait, how can she be FN if her vertical isn’t strong enough for D? 🥲

  11. Okay but a strong case could be made that at least some of this is going on. I'm half-serious. Lol

  12. Looking through all of the points/qualities/descriptions, I really can’t see how any of it could apply to the system or even the community.

  13. I feel like that doesn’t change that the language of the system definitely shows a bias in favor of yin types. There’s definitely still a societal idea that women should be small, dainty, soft, feminine, delicate etc., and those are the words people use to describe yin types.

  14. I never really found the system itself to be biased towards yin types, the users themselves, maybe, sure, but maybe I’m wrong somewhere.

  15. Just wanted to share this woman’s channel because of how great it is. She’s 54 and seems to often dress by how she feels (she’s also an old stylist and jewelry designer). Overall she has a very expressive/well thought out style and plenty of outfits to show it off. Not quite sure of her ID, but FN perhaps?

  16. Yeah, definitely. Would probably still be cute even if some don’t fit perfectly, which could easily be amended with a simple switch of clothing that does work.

  17. Of course. Most shows don’t depend on the main character to be enjoyable (even if the main character is your favorite).

  18. The shoe size thing is ridiculous to me (as if the entire thing isn’t ridiculous) because don’t quite a few people stop growing at middle school age? I too have the same shoe size since middle school, but I was also 5’9 then. Same thing applies to children sizes if you’re legitimately that small. As a yang ID, I have yet to materialize my yang muscles. If only 🥲.

  19. Crystal Creasey from The Hunt (2020). One of my favorite movies.

  20. She’s also 5’5 or 5’6 in celebheights, so I think she’s too tall for it anyways.

  21. I think it depends on what population you’re asking about. Yang doms may be more prevalent in some areas/ethnic groups while yin doms may be more prevalent in others. In extremely heterogeneous groups you’ll definitely see a wide variety. I still think N fam might be the most common.

  22. Definitely more yin. I think SG might work or anything close to it tbh.

  23. In Kibbe’s system, there is no such thing as Ethereal or Ingenue. However, Truth is Beauty’s system and other styling systems like it definitely do have those essences or something very similar. I don’t think this sub would be super helpful in that regard since it’s supposed to be about Kibbe’s system. I think maybe posting in

  24. You’ll have to take it up with Kibbe himself, aren’t these two verified?

  25. I really like the white on you (maybe I’m biased towards white clothes) and I like how these outfits would probably fit a lot of IDs. While the shirt/jacket on top would maintain vertical with the shorts, the different color shirt underneath could work as color blocking for G types and would look moderate on the rest because of fabric/style choice. I could see the second outfit being more yin friendly while the first one being more yang friendly only because of the jacket/over-shirt(?) difference, but both work on you anyways (maybe the first one more-so lol).

  26. FN is when big dress duh! 😍 sexy Anne Hathaway could never be hulking FN 🤪

  27. I think she knows what works on her and it comes out great. After years of experimenting and wearing clothes, a lot of people naturally figure out what fits them the best. I’m not even a shoe person but I think the red heels are so nice lol.

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