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Voice65 w/ GMK Fuyu

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  1. .... Respectfully, I think we were watching two different matches. Our offense looked ok, and the ref's 2nd and 3rd PK calls were garbage, but we handed NYC the 4th goal, and our defense overall was terrible. Farrell and Bell were sloppy (Bell was a straight-up liability), Kaptoum did nothing, T-Mac quit on at least two plays, Polster didn't look himself when he came on, nor did Boateng, Jozy is so useless he didn't even see the field... This was not a good day for the Revs. Only Petrovic comes out looking really good.

  2. I don't agree with this being a "solid performance", but I don't think it's time to worry yet. Our defense was terrible, but Kessler is still fresh off an injury and that type of performance from Farrell is few and far between. Kaptoum and T-Mac were also undeniably poor, but our midfield without Polster (also coming off an injury) was never going to boss around NYCFC. Borrero and Ema were also off the mark today, but they weren't given much of an opportunity to shine. I find the overall effort, especially from Bou and Petro, very inspiring and this team's ceiling is HIGH with Vrioni and hopefully another CB/CDM on the way. (Sorry a whole paragraph was probs a bit much lol)

  3. Can we lock up the Shield tonight if results go our way?

  4. I think we need one more point if Seattle lose.

  5. Just saying Bruce, my boy Scott Caldwell is undefeated when on the pitch this season 🤷‍♀️

  6. Not just undefeated, he's got a perfect record so far, no?

  7. I believe you're right, not 100% sure

  8. :( I was hoping the crayon flag could hang on a little longer; it may not objectively be the best logo, but I loved the nod to the original MLS brand. The league is moving closer to mimicking European leagues with the badges instead of logos, and I'll miss the last of the original logos with 'American sports flair.'

  9. Thank you, looking forward to the images tomorrow. For shipping to Canada, I'll add $ to that figure of 85$.

  10. Sorry for the wait, here are the picures:

  11. Thanks for the pictures. Unfortunately, I have decided to invest in a different project.

  12. If I’m not mistaken I think the Switch Couture Acrylic Alice should be compatible with your PCB in question. I think it goes for $140 + shipping for the kit. GLWP

  13. Oh, awesome! Does that board come in stock anywhere, or does it have a wait time?

  14. oh my god... The same thing has happened to me. I am currently unable to get the keys ',', '.', '/', 'Right Shift', 'UP' to work... seems to be a selection in a row... is it game over?

  15. Interesting. I wasn't able to find a fix, unfortunately. Planning on selling the chassis and reusing the switches/keycaps on a new alice layout build. May the PCB rest in peace

  16. Would you be willing to sell the Switch Couture Frosted Alice without the PCB's? If so, how much?

  17. Really been loving the sound of Lilac Linears recently

  18. yeah! i had them on a board for a while and i really like them. they feel pretty good stock as well. did you lube them?

  19. No, I had them stock. At the time I wasn't quite ready for the commitment of lubing

  20. Rat Shit, Bat Shit, Dirty-old-Twat, Sixty nine assholes tied in a knot, Hooray Lizard Piss, Fuck!!

  21. Pardon my asking, but how the actual fuck do you create this?

  22. I first heard this from George Carlin so go figure

  23. Ahh, it's all starting to make sense

  24. "I will literally never do this again": That's what they all say!

  25. Wow, so clean! Those keycaps are beautiful, where could I find them?

  26. The Voice65 is such a clean board. The keycaps are looking great with the case RGB!

  27. If you can't get your hands on GMK Botanical, I'd suggest YDMK Matcha. It would look great and only costs $32.90!

  28. Infinikey Cafe might also look nice

  29. The KBD75v2 isn't just beautiful inside and out, but front and back, too!

  30. I guess I get crushed by a graphing calculator...

  31. I had a board with these and you don't really feel the bump, but it is there. Mostly there is a clicky sound that drowns everything else out. Pretty satisfying to type on!

  32. These look awesome, I love the dedication to color coordination :)

  33. This is so cool! What material is that wire made with? I like the look of the clear reflectiveness.

  34. This looks amazing, those keycaps are beautiful

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