1. So amazing! I love his expression. And his eyes. And the shading. Great job 💜

  2. I mean I usually make sentences with the grammar and try to think of and make note of situations where it is used. One issue is that it can difficult to find good explanations for korean grammar as well. But anyways once you have the understanding just try to make some sentences and add it into things you say regularly then make note of actually saying that way next time you talk about that thing. This will get you in the door.

  3. Thank you! That makes a lot of sense, this way I could have a mental archive in Korean of the kinds of things I would talk about in my native language.

  4. Thank youu 🥰 love your choice of Xui pic!

  5. Hey! Welcome to our EXO-L family! It’s never too late to join ❤️ I’m really glad you find the resources we’ve prepared useful for your journey of learning about EXO 🤗 It may seem overwhelming at first but I’m sure you’ll catch up and be just fine~ What made you dive into EXO more after being a casual listener for so long?

  6. This song is about serenity - a state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. In Serentiy, Xiumin sings about taking each day a step at a time, breathing, noticing the beauty of our lives, and accepting everything to feel at peace. It reminds us that even the days that bring us tears, are there for us to become stronger.

  7. waking up earlier to watch EXO livestreams due to time differences be like

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