1. story of my life after reading 4 HS, Nick and Charlie, This Winter, Solitaire and Radio Silence. IWBFT and Loveless still on queue

  2. TYFYS! More info about the heartstopper universe is what I need rn

  3. Congrats!❤️I went to a bookstore today and immediately got the new Aristotle and Dante book and something called They Both Die At The End and I couldn’t spend more money so Heartstopper has to wait for next month. Tho I was so happy to see so many of Alice’s books front and center because they’re getting very popular.

  4. I just ordered Aristotle and Dante (…Secret of the Universe and Dive into Waters..) Is there a third one? I must get it.

  5. No I bought Waters of the World too. I don’t think any third book is out.

  6. oh i see thanks. im on those books after radio silence; then proceed to red white and royal blue

  7. And I can finally say that we don’t have to talk about Bruno no no no!

  8. I can’t drink it warm tea. Instead, I resort to bubble tea/boba/milk tea sorry not sorry.

  9. I saw this instagram page of Echo the Dog(Nellie in HS) with little coat on.

  10. Norwegian TV series Skam season 3 features a slow, awkward and sweet development of a relationship, and it's also gay, and it's also two teen boys. It's really well done.

  11. I bought Solitaire, This Winter & Nick and Charlie along with the 4 volumes of HS from my local bookshop and I never touched grass since.

  12. Unrelated, but hello fellow Genshin player! :)

  13. hello Genshin players! Unrelated but sort of related anyone heard of Heizou’s Heartstopper elemental skill?

  14. YESSS i’m pulling for him just for that hahahah

  15. omg same sentiments exactly like everywhere I go HS will follow

  16. to OP thank you for your service for recommending this.

  17. This makes more sense that I can relate to even more. No use dwelling over the past as I have to say to myself over and over again for the nth time but I won’t listen. Thanks for sharing and glad things worked out for you.

  18. I almost got everything right just got 1 mistake. Lemme fall into deep depression then

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