1. Le Gorafi (French version of The Onion)

  2. This is beautiful, you have a deep soul and thank you for making me cry

  3. I don’t know what is more bleak, the whole thing on its own or the fact that it has been such a positive experience for him

  4. Well it’s an island, but Ibiza. So lame, try-hard and overhyped.

  5. The king of Atlantis is going to rule the world from that island some day

  6. I know, as I used to do it all the time, but I’m working on myself to be a better communicator and slowly becoming more secure.

  7. Yeah it did! But only because it gave me time to figure out my emotions, not because I was hurting a person or something

  8. I have no idea what you’re talking about lol go outside

  9. Oh girl you are in for a treat (Impending WW3)

  10. Thank you. This is the best one

  11. Omg that’s horrible (I want it)

  12. Y’all men be mean to her on here and then jerk off watching women just like her

  13. Reading these comments I don’t think there are very many straight men in this thread

  14. Why wouldn't I invite someone I find amusing and interesting for a bite when she's in my far-flung city y'all couldn't find on a map? Lol

  15. Spend that money on inviting a dear friend. Or your mother, or grandmother. Not some random woman from the internet

  16. I invited Dasha to hang in Wellington and we DMd a bit and then she ghosted. Was gonna invite her to to a real nice dinner but ah well - she was fuming online 🤷🏻‍♂️

  17. I love how he tweets like he isn’t the President of the USA but just an angry old man

  18. the whole posing purposefully and like having shots taken of u while walking with a jacket slung over ur shoulders is so f*ggy to me like wtf y do u as a so called male intellectual even care abt these entirely superficial things. u should hate the camera

  19. They should just use that one image of Jordan Peterson crying for all his media appearances

  20. I don't listen to their stupid podcast why do you keep making me look at this idiotic man

  21. I love how he just says that without bringing in any better idea

  22. Why would you roast yourself like that

  23. Wait, let me call my zither and bibi

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