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  1. It’s crazy how Arsenal, while being a younger club than the Spurs, has more trophies, significantly more wins against the Spurs than the Spurs have against Arsenal, and there’s still dumbfucks like you who brag as if making it into the Champions League for the 6th time is somehow superior to Arsenal’s 19 times. But hey, enjoy that 1st round of the CL.

  2. Didn't say that we were superior. Just congratulated on them getting 5th. You can attack me personally, and that's ok. I know youre mad, because youre a gunner fan. Not my fault. I know the gunners are prestigious, doesn't excuse how they fell apart at the end

  3. Looks like the capsule in the martian that Matt Damon destroys to get back up to the crew.

  4. Calling himself king, rewriting history, indoctrination of kids to his agenda. A guy who was one of the most powerful men on the planet is not a conspiracy?

  5. I mean his opponent literally propped him up, why would he not?

  6. But how'd it die? 4 1/2 hours is my mates longest, still runs around in the cage lol

  7. The Google search says by asphyxiation but idk I've never seen or tried it. Don't plan too.

  8. That is a flag of a Right-Wing fascist movement though. So.....I wouldn't put it past them if they were. In fact, I highly suspect it.

  9. A democratic socialist movement. But again have a good day.

  10. "we've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty" - Mars Rover probably

  11. If you pull a gun you better be ready to use it bc others will be when they want to defend themselves. Now after he hit the floor he was unarmed and homie kept shooting if the guy who tired robbing the store dies, open and shut self-defense case. If he lives he can press charges for being fired on after being disarmed which is BS bc he's a criminal who threatened lives but that's life I guess 🤦‍♂️

  12. That's a weird way to say "fuck bush" also a couple of years late.

  13. The xts-5000 are very robust and reliable. In 14 years of managing over 100 of them, I've never seen one go bad if maintenance is performed. The usual failure to work is a tied up frequency or fucked up programming.

  14. How are they protected? They are literally not. Getting rid of Roe v Wade gets rid of that protection.

  15. Depends on the state. And at this point, we don't even know if they are trying to overturn the entire roe v Wade. Could just be parts of it.

  16. So you didn't read the leaked Alito document then?

  17. You weren't raped at gunpoint because you didn't fight back.....

  18. That's the worst case of "fuck you in particular" I've ever seen

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