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  1. That guy was built in my hometown. Sad that south bend was once a bustling city with industry, absolute shithole now. I say that affectionately of course lol.

  2. Go in through email link, ad items to cart, backout. Works probably 75% of the time for myself.

  3. Huh I have had around five or 6 mags ram thought this I’m thinking I just need too get my round count higher and see if this is truly a break in period or some thing else

  4. Honestly if its doing it past 200 rounds I would send it in. I’ve always considered that the proper break in period.

  5. I would figure also but this is my first experience I have it topped with a holsun and a break but I don’t think that will have anything to do with it

  6. What mags and ammo are you running out of curiosity?

  7. Absolutely, cod was best prior to 2009. They also need to get rid of the skill based match making and awful feeling gunfights. Half my deaths feel rigged in these newer games like when the muzzle is literally being pushed off whoever I’m aiming at.

  8. Admins fucking awesome. Paul is the real deal and all but hes no where as entertaining to watch imo.

  9. Grape mountain dew kickstart and juice force voodoo ranger

  10. I never really payed much attention to garands. Had the chance to run one today and it was fucking awesome. Probably going to buy one at some point.

  11. Fuck Walorski, she was speeding and killed an innocent woman trying to make a dangerous pass in a no passing zone.

  12. She wasn’t speeding you fucking idiot, her staffer was the one driving.

  13. Picked one up in a shop and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t have some of the finest ergos I’ve ever felt.

  14. Sam same. And okay ish gun for today but there are so many better carry options now. I want a p365

  15. Own one, its a great gun but in my experience doesn’t shoot as well as the shield hence why I moved back to it. I can run it well when I really concentrate but in a scenario where adrenaline is pumping and all that, I figure I won’t be able to take my time and really put rounds where I need to. Course if someones on top of you it won’t really matter. I will say that thing has been 100% reliable with the probable 1500 rounds I’ve put through it.

  16. Theres a special place in hell for lawyers like this. I mean are we gonna sue activision too? Call of duty probably does way more for “militaristic fantasies” then smith has ever achieved if thats the fucking argument they want to go with.

  17. Man those are pretty sweet, was debating building a cetme in 308 myself. If anything I would say those are worth more. While I fully understand the want for a Russian sks, he should come up with a bit of cash if anything. At worst fair trade. I definitely wouldn’t ad a dime to your offer tho.

  18. If I couldn’t have juice force juicy haze would be my 2nd choice. Everything in the ranger line is gold tho.

  19. The amount of folks that would lose their jobs/businesses as a result of a ban is reason enough not to do it. Fuck joe and anyone that votes for him.

  20. Honest curiousity, how many people do you think would lose their jobs over such a ban? I assumed it would be a fairly low number particularly considering there was an assualt weapons ban on the books until fairly recently.

  21. I would expect tons. Look at psa for example, most of what they build and sell is ar parts, kits, and whole rifles.

  22. I have mine setup for a home defense role, my holster won’t accommodate the light I have on it.

  23. Have several, awesome knives and worth every penny. That particular one is a mora companion.

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