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  1. Genuinely curious (find the holes or even rip this idea to shreds if it doesn’t make sense because I really just don’t know).

  2. Consider this the anti-scalper, anti-eBay appreciation post for my fellow Disneyland subredditors!

  3. Being the last ride of jungle cruise of the night. Then I got to walk down main street after midnight when everyone else had left and I felt like all the details were made for me. Magic.

  4. I appreciate this advice. In the video I linked, the coach specifies that some rotations have alternative approaches to achieve the goals you mentioned (how to hide the setter during serve receive, etc.), so it makes sense that there could be even more ideas for positioning that people have for achieving those goals.

  5. Since most people are right handed, you usually want to put your best hitter on the left side, but I've had this discussion with fitness before. If a team could shift their setter to the left , I think for a little while they have an advantage since it is so rarely seen. The other problem though is that most teams play that way, so you've probably already learned it 3 times that way before you get on a team skilled enough to try to adjust.

  6. Make sure you are shifting your weight into the ball. Your weight needs to be shifting through your abs and shoulders. Your weight in this video is falling behind your hips, this is driven mostly by your toss being behind your hips. Take a smaller left step or toss the ball forward more, anything to keep that ball at a place you can move your weight from behind it into the ball.

  7. I’m a short lefty opposite with a running jump reach of 320cm, but I want to be even better in offense, what can I do to make me a better choice for opposite position than the traditional huge opposite ?

  8. Work with setters to find a tighter ball that you can throw against the block and out. If you are facing a team that leaves line open, have your setter shoot you to the antenna so you can tip short or back line (depending on the passer placement). Run quicker sets to give the blocker less time to react and get a full block (but that is more dependent on your setters ability thank yours)

  9. Thank you, I’ll try work with our starting setter on those, how can I see if the line is open after I start my run up, I just fear that if I hit the line because of that trend and they adapt their block, it’ll give at least one point away, I know this is something hitters should already be able to recognise but I usually just hit it cross or straight depending on the set and honestly when I have to hit it straight, wether its because I couldn’t go out far enough after passing a hit or because the set is higher than usual, against a good set up block (our setter tends to have a bit more arc than usual when setting to the right so the blockers have that sort of time to set up if they are fast - but I know how difficult setting can be when the pass isn’t great and our passing is a bit on the weaker side) I always get blocked or rarely I get a block out that feels like it was complete luck

  10. Work on your tooling option (pushing the ball off the blocks hands towards the outside). Then if the line option is gone, you have that or a tip to fall back on.

  11. The only anime I recommend to newcomers is season 1 and 2 of haikyuu. Not terrible with anime tropes overall. if they can't handle that, I don't think they could handle any anime.... Is there any others I don't know about that are tame in that way?

  12. Oh HxH is a good next step, I didn't think about that one. Older generations get scared by magic, so definitely a good next step. Haikyuu is just so relatable for many people. But I love these suggestions for next steps. I haven't watch To Your Eternity, I'll have to check it out.

  13. Yeah, timing seems a bit off, but I think like your comment suggests, is a setting connection issue. I didn't think the sets were awful, but it looks like you were expecting slower sets. Try to make your last two step explosive (like other comments suggest) and work on timing. It looks like you are running to the ba each time. If you setter could be consistent with his timing, then I would take my first step sooner.

  14. Here is one of my favorite hitting form videos. Its a bit different from oppo, but a lot of the concepts are the same

  15. It's hard on a behind you set, and this is definitely something I am working on too, but really work on getting hip/shoulder separation. So when you jump, work on pushing your right hip forward so that you feel a pinch in your lower left back and an extension from your left hip, through your abs and chest to your right arm.

  16. So I think the macro philosophy on passing is changing. A lot of coaches still teach using your body/legs to generate power, but I think it is changing (and in my experience is better) if you only use arm swing to generate power when passing and keeping the rest of your body as "quiet" as possible. So if I was your coach (which you should try to listen to them first if you want playing time), I would tell you to keep the arm swing but make your body movement when passing as limited as possible. Like you are pushing up with your core and legs, which I think is worse. And I think you are also not letting the ball come to you enough and you aren't staying low enough.

  17. Also, I would highly advocate for working a lot on hand passing. If you are playing indoor, strong hands work wonders until you get to like the D1 college level (US) or higher for serve receive and defense.

  18. It depends on the ref, if they are old school they will probably call it, but refs that follow the sport and watch beach and such usually won't.

  19. If your still in the beginner phase, really get your footwork down. Movement in your feet for passing, hitting and blocking is most important. I would have also conditioned more, but that is more of a me problem.

  20. Agree, I think you can fix this by throwing your left arm down more which will push your right shoulder up giving you the extra height (probably a bit of a timing issue too, but hard to tell without getting those couple inches with better form)

  21. Our 8 year old was similar. The unfortunate part is that the answer is consistency, time and patience from you guys. Don’t feel like you are failing when there are outbursts. Try not to take it personally at all. One of our foster kids didn’t know how to process and emotion, so even when he was happy he would force himself to be mad to be in control; their development is so stunted they have to learn basic communication and expression.

  22. *Insert obvious disclaimer about all children being different*

  23. Obviously keep healthy boundaries, but try to be around her and the kids she gets when you can, that way when she needs a break and someone to watch the kids, you can reach out and help her while reducing the effect on the kids.

  24. What are you interested in? Some have been sold but some I still have.

  25. TheFlipSide, only gives you one issue a day, but gives excerpts from news sources from both sides of the aisle, mostly focuses on US issues though and is US based.

  26. It was our 2nd foster son's birthday this weekend and we got to meet up with him and his soon-to-be adopted mom (his bio aunt). It was great seeing him after about 4 months and he was excited to see us again, but he also seemed happy and comfortable with his aunt which was awesome to see!

  27. I don't know the average age of a foster parent, my wife and I started when we were 25, but I think most are older.

  28. Keeping money/power with the people with money/power is at the core of most politics

  29. This doesn't sound unusual from what I have read about neglected children (although I have only had personal experience with 8+ year olds, so take my advice only as second hand advice). That is the way he probably got attention and his needs met when he was with the Bio family. If he is only 2 from the home of neglect, his development is probably at the level of a baby, so trying to talk to him and reason with him is probably not going to work for now. He needs to know you are a safe person and it will take time for him to trust that his needs will be met. His feeling of safety will have to come first before these instinctual behaviors will start to change and he will start to develop.

  30. It is awesome that you want to help foster kids, they need it! I am not exactly sure of where you are at, but from your post it sounds like it might be better for your to pursue being a licensed respite home for foster kids, then get close to other foster families (to build trust with any foster kids they have) and be a stable and familiar home for the kids to stay at if the parents/families need a break. Then you can always pursue domestic (or international I suppose) adoption if you feel like you want to pursue having your own child. Respite care (especially familiar respite care) is desperately needed, and any family you get familiar with will appreciate the support you can provide! Plus, the attachment would definitely be different and maybe a healthier type of attachment for where you are at right now???

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