1. Uav modified atari systems are my main rigs. Info on the mod here:

  2. Encountered this problem in early 2023 with one mp4 file. Played audio ok in the plex android app, mp4 played audio ok in vlc but windows plex app won't play audio. All other files play audio ok.

  3. If you haven't seen Pusher, you are missing out on a great film

  4. I know and I already hate it (I've always has a 65xe). A 600xl with same or more ram would be ideal.

  5. Best Electronics has an easy to install keyboard upgrade that really improves the keyboard feel on an xe

  6. game changer! I love my keyboard with this upgrade. But, everyone has a different opinion of course. Here are photos of my upgrade. Also, ordering from Best is not exactly easy. Google pay and lots of patience are needed. But it's worth it, I also ordered some other repair items.

  7. Second plot twist: he died in a treadmill accident while trying to lose weight

  8. Third plot twist, his corpse is reanimated and he is able to accomplish his fitness goals,writes a book and opens a gym called Dead Lift

  9. Someone must make a cat safe candy bar with is cute and clever name, in this shattered land upon which we tread.

  10. Probably torn apart by tigers, but everyone dies eventually

  11. I dont get it. Can someone explain to the comicly disabled?

  12. There is nothing to get.This is an anti antijoke

  13. Sorry we don't have Dr. Pepper. Some buddy service dog drank it sll.

  14. Sorry I left it at the bowling alley when me and the dog went bowling. Remember Tuesday is league night.

  15. My mom would call water H20 when we were growing up. Years later, her children all became engineers and scientists. Unfortunately we never used hydrogen peroxide, so the H2O2 punchline never had a chance.

  16. Not an antijoke. This is a regular joke that thumbs it's metaphorical nose at the humble denizens of this sub.

  17. The punchline of your joke, so freely given, is not something we can later be deprived of.

  18. The movie and short story are both mystery/thriller genre imo. I've been reading the works of Emily St. John Mandel and like her novels a lot. I recommed The Singer's Gun or The Glass Hotel.

  19. I think kombucha also helps improve your gut bacteria? I need to pick up some ginger flavored kombucha, good stuff

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