1. This is (unfortunately) the only moisturiser that soothes the redness and inflammation, it also has the perfect viscosity for my sensitive combo skin.

  2. This one is on 2+2 on foxy right now in case you want to stock up.

  3. I mean may be i order 2 things, the other person orders 2 things and then we share the discounted price.

  4. Oh damn. I could have waited too then. I didn't know Myntra gives such good discounts. I have wanted to try this out for a while now so thought this was a good deal.

  5. Yes it's a good deal I personally love it.

  6. Nice post op, how long lasting is the etude House tint? I've seen a few people on reddit mention that it has very low staying power.

  7. 🥲damn. Even in Amazon it was retailing for 300 something so I thought it was maybe an offer

  8. I'm not sure if that's also fake or not. Amazon, fk etc have a lot of fakes.

  9. How did you get the etude house tint for so less?

  10. Saw this post in this group only, it was at 70% off for a few minutes 😬

  11. They have good products sometimes. Their shampoo bar is insane. It’s so good. Leaves my hair SO soft and only 300 rs. Lasts long too. And I have long thick hair.

  12. Niacinamide, tranaxamic acid, azelaic acid etc will help with skin brightness and lighten the marks but you have to be consistent. Also wear sunscreen.

  13. I got this last month. They kinda look similar

  14. Yes, only different colour i think. How much did you buy it for and how are you finding it?

  15. Tried to ping you but unable to. Can you ping me instead? Where in Bangalore are you

  16. I've never used this product. I use the one from just herbs, that has a decent staying power.

  17. Have you used this before? Is it worth the price? Do you use it in am or pm?

  18. Is this moisturizer worth the splurge? I've seen many people mention that ponds light gel is a dupe of this 🐱

  19. Haven't used any of these. I use plum cleansing balm and like it.

  20. Dr. Sandhya is amazing. I've been seeing her for 1 year now. I've got carbon laser, chemical peels, fillers and currently getting laser hair reduction.

  21. Hey would like review for the face treatments. Price, how long it took and what effects did you see?

  22. I'm gonna post one (I think 👀) in a couple weeks. For now, first impression wise.. I did a little patch test on my neck, not for 24 hours though, and it felt fine. Incredibly moisturizing, thought it might be kinda too much for my oily-combo skin. But applied it as my moisturizer after a multistep PM routine, and it has settled down quite nicely. But I used an incredibly small amount.. about the amount in the first picture, and that was enough. Although, one HUGE con for me would be the smell. Even though it didn't stay, it's VERY strong during the application, and I hope it doesn't react on my skin.

  23. Hey would like a mini review if possible. Is it suitable for oily to combination skin?

  24. The first person to respond who has actually received the order. What all did you order?

  25. There are 15 folks who voted yes and 10 in transit I'm also interested to know what they ordered, in what condition it reached etc unless a few folks marked yes just for fun 🤷😅

  26. The ACV ones have been really helpful for me, while, the sleep ones work well for my boyfriend! I just got the strawberry ones as well. One gummy per day ☺️

  27. Hey what benefits did you see with the ACV ones?

  28. Are you continuing to take them? Did you try any other variants?

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