1. there's no chance of that happening, the IP belongs to Ubisoft and not eugen systems.

  2. Both teams played better when the strikers came on

  3. Most entertaining game of the tournament from both teams.

  4. Who hates Belgians for having good chocolate and beer ? HUH

  5. Why can't Belgium hire a good manager ? they wasted their golden generation and now they need to rebuild.

  6. Can’t believe Trent wasn’t given a chance to change the game last night

  7. I don’t care let him sit on the bench and comeback fresh for us, same for hendo.

  8. 2022 is not a year of autocratic regimes. I hope it continues into 2023

  9. We’re out of it and honestly getting only Bellingham Won’t fix our midfield.

  10. Every time I pass near the jars and think about getting one, I remember this photo.

  11. No one has a picture of Laimer ? Why I keep seeing posts of his transfer with this white person 😂

  12. Two penalties not given for Canada … and I also can’t believe they put the referee that ended the game before 90 minutes twice before calling the players back on pitch 🤦‍♂️

  13. Saudi Arabia executed the offside trap to perfection and also the VAR was on point 👌

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