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  1. 26% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. You probably know a lot of people who have suffered a miscarriage and guess what they just didn’t tell you. But sure continue to blame it on the vaccine or whatever lol.

  2. Well, thanks to God I just know 2 before 2020 and 2 after 2020. And what made them tell me now? Any correlation with that thing?

  3. No one talked about feelings here, it's something you brought up.

  4. Drinking alcohol affects my next day morning meditation for sure. It feels like tamasic tendencies are all over the place.

  5. What language/driver do you use? What part do you want to be dynamic?

  6. Hi I am using python. Basically project stage of pipeline. But I was able to get it through a dictionary. Thank you for the comment.

  7. Does someone have a clip? I got 8 freaking ads when this started.

  8. Hey brother, try Indian Classical Music. Ever since retention I gave up on pop/metal or any kind of modern music I used to listen to and have grown listening to Indian Classical music.

  9. Not sure about recovery. But surely helps detoxify. I did 24 hour water fast once. Was amazed the next day.

  10. Reduction -17%. Two negatives makes positive.

  11. IMHO, Carlsen seems like a guy who would just do it. No way he comes in unprepared, but in case it happens, he would just come in and play the games. The real question is would his PR team let him do that? And how much power his handlers have over him. After last World Chess Championship game, Carlsen tweeted a picture of Kobe and "5" as a caption. He did't even remember tweeting that and then had a 'oh yeah, that kobe' moment. So yeah, no way his "team" lets him play unprepared and take away his GOAT title. Which in this age is bigger than the game itself.

  12. Covid or any flu will make you feel like that. How is your recovery though? Any fatigue? Insane headache? If not, I believe its power of retention. Energy wise, in simple terms, your energy is spent in making resources to kick the flu out of your body, but your replenish time should be shorter than before. You will back to what you were before you know it and especially when you stop giving a thought to it.

  13. No, but I lost to Adhiban in 1.b3 so I think I hit the rock bottom there.

  14. That was a fun game. Didn't know you took is so hard. You are one of my favorite players. Good luck in the candidates.

  15. That's cold blooded man. Why you got to do him like that?

  16. I didn't downvote you man. I was just trolling Anish lol. 1b3 game was when Adhibhan told him before the game that he would play 1b3 and Anish still lost to him. XD

  17. If that's a true story, then that boy was missing something fundamental and important that they need to do but the people in legend and above are doing for them.

  18. True. The boy plays mid and cannot convert the games where sidelanes or all three lanes are lost. While people at higher MMR do have some game sense and try to create that space which is inherently not done at lower MMRs. It's insanity all around, just to see your carry go to the same place and die over and over.

  19. Bro no way you can't win guardian games if you have 4x mmr on your "main"

  20. Actually my main is 1k. I still like to play on it because I have spent money and time on the account. It's a different kind of attachment. But as I stated in another comment, I will start playing ranked again on my 1k account and see how it goes.

  21. The public library near me has Naruto volumes. Maybe try a library.

  22. Well looking at dotabuff, I didn't see anything suspicious. 51% winrate in 8k games. Games seem normal as well. Bad losses and good wins. Volvo should look into it. If this happens to me, I would be utterly devastated.

  23. Hey OP. Along with any Pooja that you will do, reciting Ganpati Atharvashirsha/ Ramraksha/ Hanuman Chalisa everyday has helped me a lot. Keep these things in practice and see if they help.

  24. Send me a dm. I am no expert. I am just 1000 rated. But I am down to play a games.

  25. "sHe lOVes dOtA" shouldn't even be a point for appreciation.

  26. False. For perfect casters, it is at worse irrelevant, but for most human beings, it pays to be invested.

  27. Well, not really. But to each his own, I guess.

  28. Now that you are inducing less thoughts of yourself, you are more intuned with the frequencies around you.

  29. Well, you gotta work on your mentality dude. If a loss in an online game makes your day bad, take a good break.

  30. Hi as a 27 year old, I can tell you that it surely hard to find people with the mentality you have at your age.Now here's a trick, they influence you in a same way as you influence them. Be a strong willed person around them. You will be much happier when you see that one or two of them have stopped lusting as much as they did. People follow by example, keep forging on your path. If these things do influence to an extent where you are failing to do your work then cut your time with such people. But mark my words, these same friends will look up to you. They will subconsciously realise that you don't lust after every other girl, you are so sincere with your work and excelling at what you do. They will see you becoming the best version of yourself and you will make couple of great friends along the way.We do tend to consider worst of the possibilities, but rather than thinking on it, do what is best for you.If their influence is so much that it is hampering your studies, workouts, meditation and also making your lust grow, take a break. Hangout with them a little less. Over time they will understand what they have to. And they will come in terms with you. But remember being a lamp of light in the darkness is the best thing you can do.No way darkness can diminish the light, infact your vibrance may shine their darkness.Good luck.

  31. Gas prices seemed a lot higher to me before Ukraine even happened.

  32. Exactly! It used to be 1.80 at my place in October 2020. Then it rose to 3 before the pipeline hack. 3.50 after the hack and settled to 3.20 before the war.

  33. Kf8 after Nh6+ does not result in smothered mate.

  34. and if black resign there is no smothered mate either... what is your point excactly?

  35. My point was smothered mates wasn't the only mate in the position.

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