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  1. Oleellista on kysyä ahvenanmaalaisilta itseltään. Puolustusvoimien läsnäolo tulee perustua paikallisen väestön luottamukseen. Mannersuomalaisten kannalta asia on no-brainer. 80 % ulkomaan kaupasta tulee tai menee meritse; kriisin aikana vielä enemmän. Ahvenanmaa on merikuljetusten kannalta ihan keskeinen ja heidän oma väestö saati aseistus ei riitä sitä suojaamaan.

  2. Sirpaileinen saaristo ja ihan liian ohut asukaspohja. Samalla prosentilla kuin mannersuomessa, heillä olisi 120 varusmiestä ja 60 kantahenkilökuntaa. Pieni komppanja. Tarve lienee prikaatin kokoluokkaa. Enkä usko, että Ahvenanmaata tässä ollaan puolustamassa hyvää hyvyyttä vaan merikuljetuksia Ruotsiin.

  3. Well, what happened there? Last layer skip?

  4. Take my orange arrow and go. I don't ever want to see you again.

  5. it is bit controversial, but Finland it self was an idea born after separation from Sweden. Under swedish rule Finland was a bit periphery but rule was the same as it was anywhere further from power.

  6. I was enthusiastic to join. I tried to get to Finnish special forces (seals), but even in my peak condition I wasn't able to. As a competitive swimmer I had them in the pool, but not on the running track. Cooper requirement was 3000 m, and I managed 2900 - and that was that. About 150 candidates and there were place for only 15. So navy it was for me.

  7. Ottamatta kantaa mairittelavaan johtopäätökseen, niin aina puolustajalla on etulyöntiasema hyökkääjään nähden. Silti hyvä suoritus varusmiehiltä ja heidän kouluttajiltaaan.

  8. Also for Finns who have done their military service. Remember OPSEC, do not post information you've learned during your military service. Yes, even things "they know about already".

  9. This includes but is not limited to war time location of an individual or a group or its command chain. Or any plans how to conduct specific operations. Or how fast you or your friends are to be mobilized and how it could be communicated. Or how many you are. Basically, anything that is more specific that is found on Wikipedia pages. That includes also the rumors and hearsay even how juicy they seem.

  10. Probability of such event is very difficult to define. It seems that all seem to think it is a non-zero likelihood event. Reservists, as my self and million others, seem to think it is less likely, than those without military training. This seems also affect the gender difference in the fear of the future. The boomers and elderly are more worried than younger generation about Russia. In big cities people are more worried than in more rural areas

  11. Minä juon riisipiirakan pillillä.

  12. Ah, Russia will never learn: do not ever underestimate farmers of a small country that you are trying to invade. Last time snow talked in Finnish and we remember how that turned out.

  13. They hate Russia because of being under Russian rule and then being attacked by the Soviets, not because of Vikings.

  14. It comes down to history interpretation. Coastal areas of Finland have always been Swedish speaking. Finnish speaking people more inland and eastward. IMHO Sweden didn't ever occupy Finland but we were integral eastern part of it. After Finnish war 1808 current areas fell under Russian rule, but we got change to quite wide autonomy. By that time the sentiment was: We are not Swedish anymore, and as Russian we don't want to become, so let's be Finnish.

  15. Ruskie isn't a slur, that's how Russians call themselves

  16. Well, the Finnish version is harsher. Ryssä... It has really omnious sound in it and nothing cute. And also there are verbs made out of it, like ryssiä, which basically means to fail miserably. I wouldn't use the word in civilized conversation, but my grandparents from both sides used the word without any hesitation.

  17. One quite valid point is that a man or a woman with assault rifle is no longer a civilian. He or she is a soldier. This small distinction is relevant in Hague.

  18. Wow, the level of disinformation fed to Russians is astounding.

  19. I heard from Finnish news that about 60-70% of population of Russia is buying this bs. They don't see connection of these so called special military operations and sanctions at all. They believe that the West is out to get them.

  20. No tämähän vanheni nopeammin kuin eilinen croissant.

  21. Rahallisella avulla ei ole niin suurta symboliarvoa kuin suoralla aseviennillä, mutta tällä olisi merkitystä:

  22. Hmm... miksihän Suomi ei anna pois panssarintorjunta-aseitaan... jaa-a. Eihän niillä täällä Venäjän vieressä tee mitään, eihän?

  23. Ne on korvattu jo tuhotaan pian. Intistä tutut ”kessit” poistuvat käytöstä

  24. I have a question: How likely it would be for Ukraine to start "being aggressive" towards Russia backed separatist while Russia has about 150k battle-ready troops near it's border?

  25. Yes, if you would even have such plans, those could wait until pressure has eased a bit. For heaven's sake, if you have waited for eight years to push ethnic cleansing, you can wait little longer, while you would be wiped out by overwhelming force nextdoor at the moment.

  26. They're having a military exercise close to Ukraine boarder. Not like they have space elsewhere in their country to have those exercises. Tiny country after all.

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