1. Damn I’m sad I missed today’s C&C. Hopefully I’ll see this next time I go.

  2. The next C&C is on July 24th, there was also an offroad-style Infiniti G35 & 2006 VW Beetle.

  3. Just found out they sell for under $5k in Japan if any really wants to import one

  4. It's more likely $10k in total with the shipping and fees.

  5. 3rd to last is a Toyota HiAce, I've seen a high roof version in Texas. The 2nd to last is a Daihatsu Midget.

  6. I'm going to take a wild guess and say a Land Rover of some sort, though I'm most likely wrong.

  7. I suspect as long as these sell we'll eventually see an R version again not that they are bringing the Civic Rs to the states. I haven't seen one yet but my assumtion is this is close to a Civic Si with better fit and finish for a heftier pricetag. Not knocking it, Honda's 6sp is absolutely top notch and I don't think anything in the pricepoint compares.

  8. I feel like it would be called the Type S since it's made under the Acura name.

  9. He looks like Tom Cruise with a wig on.

  10. not a carrera. thats a 356 speedster, and a replica at that

  11. I can see why OP thought it was a Carrera, the owner literally put a "Carrera" badge on the back lol

  12. Hey Saul Goodman, I'm wanted for 32 counts of tax evasion, murder, fraud, and DUI. Could you be my lawyer?

  13. I've seen a Ford Transit Connect van with U.S. Gov't plates, but never a Land Cruiser...

  14. Ha! thanks for posting it, this is my car. I was out on a test drive just to make sure it was ready for the lemons race this weekend :)

  15. What size RPF1's are those? I was thinking of getting a set...

  16. No pics of the piloti next to it? :(

  17. I got photos of it, don't worry 😂

  18. I've seen that same one at the Circuit of the Americas, nice

  19. It's a replica. The real deal does not have suspension components like that.

  20. Austin area? Edit: I think I know this car.

  21. I'm from the Austin area, unfortunately I haven't seen this though I would love to

  22. What episode of WWE is this??

  23. I did see one of these a bit more north, though it had Mexico plates

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