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  1. My guess would be that it pretends to be a bee so it can eat the bee….

  2. "How do you do, fellow bees?"

  3. Yeah but there was clearly a tuft of grass next to the daughter stone. Literally unwatchable.

  4. People can do some crazy shit in excel.

  5. Thanks - that’s me. AMA.

  6. Imagine going in for back surgery only for them to give you a pain in the ass instead.

  7. Great points. As for the lack of the subway tunnels that were in Div1, I think the lore is that there was a major hurricane with severe flooding that blocked off much of the underground and was never cleared out. The Cleaners then had to build their own tunnel :P

  8. Uh, there are a lot of subway tunnels in Division 1

  9. Sorry my writing was unclear... I meant that WONY lacked the subway tunnels that you would find in Div1

  10. Yeah... so i'm pretty sure many of the posts in AITA are fake or very embellished, but this post especially stands out to me. I'm not saying that OP is a liar, but this is exactly the kind of story that I or my friends would make up in our late teens, just for fun. Like the time I had a pearly-white Supra Mk IV that could do a quarter-mile in 10.5 seconds. But I can't show it to you, it's in the shop.

  11. Are those things really that expensive? I've seen a lot of comments making a big fuss over the GTR, aren't they like a Camaro or something? those things are really cheap here in Mexico for what I know because you can always get a second hand one

  12. Are you thinking of a Pontiac GTO?

  13. Chopper brings reinforcements to extract in every 30 second. Don't flare if you have time (more than 30 second) and/or NPCs alive. If no NPC alive, and you still have time, wait for choppers and kill reinforcements, team get kill XP and maybe some more loot.

  14. Yeah that all takes way too much coordination when you are grouped with 4-7 other randos and the game mode is still very new. But it's good to post these strategies so more people (including me) can learn!

  15. It's never "done" though, is it? :P

  16. He's a believer in using 14 simple words, to be exact.

  17. His mom needed to take a trip to Salt Cake City

  18. "Communism is all over the place"

  19. She was actually looking forward to the movie

  20. He can't reddit until he finishes cello lessons.

  21. No more Facebook until he faces a book and studies.

  22. Looking at someone else's bindings after learning your own, it's hard to not see them as just objectively wrong. I know on some level that whatever works for you is right, but this is so wrong.

  23. I know, right? U less I'm mistaken... They use the stick twist to roll? It may work for them but that... is wrong.

  24. Then murdered by the family of the person who was cheating on you after you divorce?

  25. I am not understanding OP's assertion that a SIL should take precedence over a cousin. Is there a specific hierarchy?

  26. Balenciaga's full of ugly and expensive shit

  27. Reminds me of the most toxic plant, Dendrocnide moroides, aka Gympie Gympie found in Australia.

  28. They’re called toxicognats (might be spelling that wrong) learned from a YouTuber called Clint’s Reptiles. He does super cool videos on insects and reptiles and how good they would be as pets

  29. I love Clint's Reptiles! He's great and so excited about his animals

  30. What do you mean to much? I haven't played since like a little bit of the second one

  31. That word had too many syllables! APOLOGIZE!

  32. I was all about team Yellow (Penske/Chevrolet). That car was broken.

  33. My brother and I used to crowd around the computer to play

  34. I read his stupid little manifesto. He hates all nonwhite people but since he was too stupid to tell the difference between white people and the immigrants he hated, he ultimately targeted black people because they were easier to identify. An 18-year-old spewing klansman logic with all of the information that is available today. He became radicalized by a bunch of idiots on a message board. My thoughts are scattered. I’m just so fucking upset. We can’t even be black in a black neighborhood and go grocery shopping because some ugly ass racist fuckface thinks we’re expendable. I hate this fucking timeline.

  35. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the victims' families had been in America for longer than his.

  36. None of them have ever been in such a situation. Hell, have any of them ever played Trouble in Terrorist Town? That Garry's Mod gamemode proves how very wrong their reasoning is.

  37. Couldn't you make cars do that too with cheat codes? It's been so long....

  38. "chittychittybb" for flying cars I think (on the PC). It was like 20 years ago though so I could be wrong

  39. They may secrete small amounts of tetrodotoxin, which is a powerful neurotoxin. They use it to paralyze the earthworms they prey on. They also secrete digestive enzymes which can make holding them rather uncomfortable.

  40. They kill native earthworms and destroy the soil, very toxic to people and animals. You don't want them around.

  41. Confusing, complicated, and expensive (gameplay-wise) for what I view as very minor benefits. I'm just ignoring it completely.

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