AITA for allowing my parents to see my baby?

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AITA for taking away my daughters bedroom and giving it to my son?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.


Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Nta I would ask to see her deposit and I know you brought this up but ask her how’s fair you cover all the bills while she doesn’t. I read a comment saying your bad with your finances, which you have to work on but still, that doesn’t make this any fairer. Split your finances immediately!!!!

  2. Nta she had time for a game night and basically ignored the phone calls, which as a parent you can not do. Also feel guilty about a social life, she’s tryna manipulate u.

  3. Nta, I think even if it wasn’t as sir (sir is very fucking weird), i think it’s pretty normal to not want ur gf/bf to call their ex by a nickname. Especially a weird sexual one, like obviously there’s expectations but they shouldn’t still be saying pet names.

  4. YTA, lol who talks about mini golf all the time, what’re u a child. Like if someone is telling me they love mini golf I think I’d assume they love golf too but don’t play cause it’s expensive.

  5. Nta I will say I have a family friend who did this exact same thing, like grandparents watched the kids and even went on vacation without the kids all the time. Guess what happened to the kids, they turned out to be shit. Literally all of them have drug problems or problems with the law. Ur daughter needs to start acting like a mother because this will have lasting effects on her children.

  6. Nta she’s an adult, she can buy her own. Your doing her a favor by paying for her and letting her live with you. I think ur sister should move back with ur parents or get a job. She’s 19 and in school and u don’t have the funds to pay for her. I get she wants the freedom but that freedom comes with financial responsibility. I also don’t think your thinking this through, yea you don’t care about paying for her. However your spending a lot of money and wasting your savings, if you even have one. Basically she needs to move back or get a job, your only 2 years older then her your not in a much better financial situation then she is.

  7. She’s acting this way because she can, because your fiancé or her parents will let her. Your fiancé needs some boundaries, under no circumstances should he have to log on to pay her electric bill cause she has “the kids”.

  8. Nta, idk why everyone is saying you are. You guys all agreed on a guys night and they changed the plan without tell you, you even told them you’d leave if they did. They invited their gfs and you decided to leave. You guys are adults, you can leave a birthday if you are uncomfortable or not having funny. Why do people on this post think you have to stay when you specifically told everyone if this happens ur leaving. You also just quietly left instead of trying to make it a big issue. The thing is nobody is the asshole in the situation, ur friends wanted their gfs, that’s fine. You decided to leave, that’s fine. Your all old enough to do what u want.

  9. YTA, end of the day everything will be ur wife’s decision for a couple weeks, she just gave birth. You may not like it but just gotta deal with it. Also off topic I will say I think it’s a lil unfair for ur wife to make u sit out during the birth. Might be downvoted but while it’s her body as the babies father and the husband in a happy marriage you should be allowed in there. Mute point tho cause it’s over.

  10. I’m sorry but this is highly illegal, ur husband needs to know. Why do his ex wife any favors for not telling him, she’s crazy. Yta 100% if u don’t tell ur husband immediately. Also ur step daughter should not get off cause her mom influenced her, SHE IS 17, she’s more then old enough to know how wrong this is. She’s not 10 years old, she’s 1 year from being an adult, she’s a senior in hs. If she found a camera in her room she would be furious, because she knows it’s an invasion of privacy.

  11. No way, this isn’t hs or college, everyone is an adult. Her not paying means someone else had to cover her part. Nobody wants to or should have to be friends with someone who won’t pay for themselves. Not to mention from what she said about being a new mom, she’s def going to try and get out paying again.

  12. Exactly this is adulthood. If a friend did something out of line that ruined your friendship you should say it to their face. Not isolate and ignore them.

  13. That’s the thing tho, the friends an adult too, why does anyone want to deal with that. Why should you have to call the person and explain why people are upset. It’s one thing if they have no idea what happened but the friend didn’t ask why. The friend clearly knows why everyone is mad and isn’t taking accountability, she’s instead trying to deflect it and play the victim.

  14. That is his evidence you have seen ONLY. You have not seen any of hers yet.

  15. Lol that’s what I said, haven’t seen hers. I also ain’t saying depp is a saint, but like I said haven’t heard anything that proves he hit her. I feel like everyone defending her is just ignoring the fact that she admitted to punching him.

  16. Lol when did i say i never listened to her side, your just making stuff up. I've seen tons of subreddits and tiktoks on her side, you gotta look harder i guess. Also the 2020 trial was against the news company not heard herself. It was a libel case with the newspaper referring to Johnny Depp as a 'wife beater' and proving a libel case is very hard. Depp lost the Washington Post case because the writer at the Post didn't have knowledge that what they were writing was false, not saying he couldn't have hit her but that's how he lost. That's why I'm just going off of what we have in the new case because one of the incidents has been disproven by some of the witnesses that heard claimed were there, incident 9 for example. Also, there were 14 incidents, not 16, gotta get your facts straight. I said i believe him based on what ive seen so far, amber could bring something up to change my mind but we'll see. I mean anyone who knows anything about law knows johnny is probably going to lose anyway, defamation cases are notoriously hard to win.

  17. Apex does this too, every character is lgbtq. It’s a game so who cares but it’s interesting how into diversity some people are.

  18. YTA, why don’t u say something to ur mom? She’s demeaning and insulting ur husband, you clearly either hate ur husband or ur a coward who doesn’t have a back bone. Your so hypocritical too, you want ur husband to sit through the comments and not say anything but u don’t want to look single for a couple hours. Your husbands right, this is 100% something you need to speak to your mom about. I would be pissed if someone spoke about my partner that way, I wouldn’t allow that to continue after the first time. So why do you think that’s ok for her to say whatever she pleases. Sounds to me like your a terrible partner. Your acting like a baby, grow up and act like a wife. For once in your life stand up for the man YOU chose to spend your life with.

  19. YTA, why u go to the manager if by ur own comments he wasn’t being a creep. Lol ur a dick who only wants to get with his sister, I hope he doesn’t set u up with her

  20. Do you think reaching out to his sister would be crossing a line?

  21. If u do he should report u for harassing his sister

  22. This is definitely fake, the way it’s written it doesn’t sound real

  23. YTA, it’s weird that u guys aren’t sharing a room but no matter how u look at it ur getting 2 and he’s getting 1. It evens out, unless u wanna do it where u pay for 2 rooms and he pays for 1, you’d probably end up paying more. Why should he pay more when your actually getting more rooms and space, it’s ur daughter not his.

  24. YTA, however it is weird he won’t just walk down the isle with the MOH. Like that’s a pretty normal thing but hey he’s uncomfortable with it then he’s uncomfortable with it. Find someone else

  25. He was perfectly fine with my name before his mom had something to say

  26. She wants to name after her dead grandmother. Funny, right? MIL pointed out the hypocrisy to her son and now OP is sour.

  27. Yea it’s literally the same, I just want to know what her grandmas name is that’s making this a huge thing

  28. YTA, that’s so weird dude. Like really creepy and gives off stalker vibes. Seems like u don’t understand social cues cause it’s pretty obvious why it’s really weird. Also she said it makes her uncomfortable, just change it.

  29. I don’t think ur the asshole or daughter, you guys just need to talk. With the room switching it honestly just depends on ur house layout, like everyone who has a newborn baby knows u have to have the babies room near u. Like I may be downvoted for saying this but if u guys live in a big house then yes, you should give the baby the room next to u. I’m assuming most of the people not getting that have never had a newborn baby. If something happens then that could literally make the difference on saving ur babies life. Also you gotta find a way to spend time with ur daughter other then the 2 days a week thing, do stuff as a family. Cause obviously u can’t do that anymore.

  30. Kinda wish they put Paul in the masters 8, would’ve been way cooler then diantha imo. And why does lance never use his dragonite, that’s his ace in everything. Also if they do a regular bracket then it would be ash vs Leon in the first round

  31. Nta. Your son is 9 and said this to u. Ur son doesn’t respect u and u need to ground him another week for his language. I would never dare to say something like that to my parents because they wouldn’t tolerate it.

  32. Nta. Your son is 9 and said this to u. Ur son doesn’t respect u and u need to ground him another week for his language. I would never dare to say something like that to my parents because they wouldn’t tolerate it.

  33. I feel like it’s ok to say it to a kid whose being a picky eater. Like they won’t eat the dinner cause their food touched, it’s to remind them that their lucky that that’s all they have to worry about.

  34. Ok this may be controversial, yes that money is yours to do what you want. However your married, I’m sorry but spouses shouldn’t hide what they spend from each other. Yes it’s ur money to spend so u don’t have to ask him what u spend it on, but u have to tell him if he asks. I don’t think this is some terrible power dynamic, if it works for u do it. However a husband and wife who both work still have to tell each other what they spend their money on if they ask, especially if it’s a lot of money.

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