1. The PM did not stab an immigrant to death; does not control the courts; doesn't even have have half the influence on her own team as you imagine she has on every aspect of your life. This reads like a paranoid fantasy obsession. Talk to your neighbours about the weather for a bit of perspective.

  2. She was the piece of shit who tore at the social fabric of society though, even though she had been warned by the Human Rights Commission.

  3. "That’s all cold comfort for borrowers, who have just had a massive and alarming haircut. Banks and brokers will be having to recalculate debt servicing ratios and debt-to-income ratios along with the mortgage serviceability test rate.

  4. "So, it looks like Jacinda Ardern thinks her Education Minister also has a simple view of the world.

  5. It is discrimination, if you read the actual decision and not Cam Slater/NZ Heralds dumb ass take on it.

  6. "It is now up to the voters to deal the cards with which the parties play. A stronger NZ First will mitigate the fascist tendencies of National and ACT.

  7. "It is a dangerous ideology. Quite how vesting control and veto powers with Maori will fix the

  8. 10% of registered voters = 343,455 thousand signatures needed.

  9. They got 80,000 signatures to change New Zealand to Aotearoa...

  10. "The Labour Government has legislated constitutional change and they’ve done it without the consent of New Zealanders. They have promoted a move away from one person one vote to a co-governance system where Maori votes are worth far more than Non-Maori votes. They are essentially supporting a race-based, apartheid system. They’ve done it in Health; they are proposing to do it again with water assets that councils already own, and their plans go even wider than that. We need to just say no to co-governance.

  11. Remember the talking point "if you got myocarditis from the vax, you would have gotten it from covid"?

  12. Excess death higher now than during covid pandemic.... What could it be? Such a mystery...

  13. Here is Bill Maher taking the piss out of woketards. Absolutely hilarious.

  14. The "rainbow people" are trying to normalise pedophilia. Look up the MAP (minor attracted person) flag. As a parent I would be memorising what houses put up those flags and keep my children miles away from those people.

  15. It was a tumblr post that originally started the “MAP” saying that there should be a pride flag. It was a troll account and likely made to spark fake outrage by the right. It’s an appeal to ignorance, and congrats, you fell for it.

  16. "If you ever needed evidence that this country has gone to the dogs, it is the news that this Government is now

  17. " Christopher Luxon now has a brilliant opening, after Ardern’s description of him as inexperienced, to expose the abundant evidence that Ardern is a failure.

  18. If you want to be a communist, fine, just don't take away my freedom.

  19. You have to be of good character to enter the country. Domestic abusers can stay the fuck out. Just in case you missed my point.

  20. I get the point, you're a leftarded moron that doesn't understand the law.

  21. So, the same people still offering experimental injections to pregnant women are woketarded morons? Go figure...

  22. "back in 1995 when our economy was booming unemployment was around 8%. "

  23. Such a leftarded point to make, especially in the current environment...

  24. 100% buying votes by chucking several million multiple times a year to Maoris. You think the iwis aren't rich?

  25. " The new Minister of Justice, Kiri Allan, who has promised to make an announcement on hate speech as soon as by the end of this year, and ‘guaranteed’ that she will have introduced law before the next election, has found surprising new allies in the Opposition.

  26. "She is especially animated about monkeypox, a rare disease that almost never kills but which tragically and almost exclusively affects men who enjoy promiscuous and/or group sex. Accordingly, Verrall has concluded that monkeypox “discriminates” against such men and must therefore be eliminated from this fair land. As Associate Minister of Health, she has secured special medicines for treating monkeypox and is looking to secure smallpox vaccinations, which apparently work for monkeypox."

  27. Why can't you be the bigger person and forgive the people that cheered for you to die because they thought you might be involved in an imaginary where you kill someone's grandma

  28. "Since Labour took office in 2017 crime has increased at a rapid pace. New Zealanders across the country do not feel as safe as they once did, and front-line police are under immense pressure as crimes not only worsen, but also become more frequent.

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