1. One of two songs I know--the other being The Who's "Sally Simpson"--that were supposedly inspired by Doors fans' adulation of Jim Morrison. How this mutated into these lyrics, I certainly can't tell you.

  2. There’s so much I still have to learn about Uriah Heep. Beautiful song.

  3. This album is filled with a haunting atmosphere, made better by the audio quality not being the best of it's time. Genuinely makes the album sound even better.

  4. Right? The guitar player here is Chris Poland of Megadeth, and later lineups of OHM: actually included Ginger Baker's son on drums!

  5. I think last year I probably listened to every John Mayall and every Blues Breakers album. Amazing musician and one of my favorite out of the Brit-Blues scene.

  6. I need to catch up! I know "Room to Move" and a couple other things. Would you say this is the best album?

  7. This track concludes the greatest album side of their entire career. Four mercilessly awesome tunes.

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