1. Och detta är relevant för artikeln om spioneri hur exakt...?

  2. Uppriktigt sagt är spioneri för främmande länder mindre allvarligt än mord. Åtminstone är det inte direkt att döda andra människor. Så straffet borde vara lägre än mord ärligt talat. Jag tror att OP menar det.

  3. "temporary" sentence and 30 years. How can 30 years be "temporary"? This is just self contradictory.

  4. Abolish all common law offences, all common law offence will be staturory.

  5. There was a crowdfunding page created for this page which raised £22k and it was linked to on fds. She fucked up the lives of these innocent men.

  6. So I think this is insane- lying in court and Frame someone is bad, but certainly not as bad as murdering someone- Therefore should not have life sentence for a crime which is not inherently violent and deadly.

  7. Dude. Serial Rape is on the same level as murder. That’s someone who knew what he was doing and kept doing it anyways. All those victims have to live with their trauma EVERY SINGLE DAY! Shame on you. You’re disgusting.

  8. Well strong punishment is warrented in this case but there must be certain distinction between these two crimes for obvious reasons. If the sentence for both crimes equalized then the chances of rape victims getting killed will be much higher...

  9. Would disagree with that - more severely than 5 years, but not the same as murder. As if the same sentence, then if you think you'll be done for attempted murder, eh may as well make sure to finish em off so they don't tell on you.

  10. Exactely. If the sentence for the attempt is the same for actual murder. This is to encourge them to kill you instead. This is logical to distingush attempt and actual murder itself.

  11. Maximum prison sentence here in Denmark is 15 years (up to 16 if you count arrest)

  12. I check out your country have life sentence for the most serious crimes like murder, genocide etc. What about a crime do not merit life but certainly warrant more than 15 years. Do they got a free pass to commit as much as crimes except those one available for life?

  13. Barely even a year for every 10 kids. Honestly, why is our justice system so damn soft on such horrible people?

  14. To be honest this is not too bad. In Germany you can harm infinite number of Kids and you can get 15 years at most as far as you don't actually kills them.

  15. On the flip side of the coin then, you must be able to provide some evidence that longer sentences are more effective at punishing people who have broken the law?

  16. I need evidence that a 6 month sentence is a greater punishment than a 1 month sentence? Well if not, then our whole system is built on a false idea!

  17. Sentencing should be about Scientific based and not emotions, if we let emotions decide sentencing this is not justice system it is revenge system.

  18. I agree with you completely, we should learn more from the continent instead. Is the crime rife in Dutch, Germany, Norway or Finland?

  19. I mean that’s not how it works for literally any other crime. It basically makes no sense. Perverting the course of justice is an offence on its own merit with its own sentencing. It doesn’t logically make sense that your accusation should be linked to an arbitrary criminal sentence in a hypothetical that no one served when it’s about just that piece of evidence. How would even know the sentence they would have gotten accurately without a trial using all the evidence against them including the false accusation. It’s very “we should kill anyone who commits murder” level logic.

  20. As Aetheriao says- if someone accuse me lets say murder, should that person get the same sentence as the actually murderer? Obviously not

  21. No, but it would punish the offender for causing that injury. When you give people awful sentences, victims get the initial pain from the injury, then secondary pain from the 'I can't believe they got away with it. They did that to me and the courts don't even care'

  22. Uk prison population per 100,000 is one of the highest in Western Europe. She will be sentenced similar on the continent. If you feels here is soft, you wont get better somewhere else in Western Europe

  23. I read the article- To cover up should not be more than the penalty of committing the actual crime itself. Remember the Soham case? The person who cover up got 3.5 years for covering a Double MURDER. Calculate by ratio, how much serious is one breaking lockdown regulations compare to a Double murder?

  24. If you read it, the conviction and sentance are for attempting to destroy evidence - 'perverting the course of justice' a much much serious crime.

  25. Let say covering up murder is as bad as murder, the one helping to cover up murder gets the same sentence as the murderer. That is 100% of the punishment of the original crime. If breaking restrictions do not result in jail time, then the crime to cover it up should at most 100% of the original crime. Which in the case, fine.

  26. The logic is simple- Helping yourself (or someone) to get away from a crime is ALWAYS Less serious, at most equal to actually committing the crime. Which means, at most the punishment for helping to get away should be 100% of the penalty of the crime intended to get away with and quite often the perverting is less than the actual commission of crime, see Soham case. The person to help got 3.5 YEARS to cover a DOUBLE murder.

  27. It is serious. Spreading lies about someone that can ruin them is serious.

  28. Exactely, an actual physcial and sexual violence is more serious than non physical suffering

  29. Bring back the death penalty for murder, prison isn’t a deterrent for most crimes. It’s just seen as a right of passage.

  30. These people lost the right to be treated humanely when they CHOSE to take a young boys life.

  31. You should be glad to live in UK. They will get lesser on the continent (Europe).

  32. That is incorrect. There have been dozens of life sentences served in 16 years.

  33. The court can covert life to a fixed sentence and there is a procedure for it

  34. Life sentence is life sentence. After a while though the prisoner may apply to get the sentence changed. A court will then decide. There are indeed inmates who died and still will die during their life sentences because their pleas will be denied. These people are concidered to be too dangerous to release. He may be one of them.

  35. Sweden Used to ban under 21 gets life sentence at all and they only changed earlier this year.

  36. What amount of prison time do we need to deter disenfranchised youth from acting outside the law? I don't see any amount of prison time helping solve these social problems, but I do see prison adding to them.

  37. Another news article- a young Germany driver crashed and guilty of MURDER Sentence: Less than 6.5 years

  38. Is England safer? And if it is it by applying harsh punishments the cause of that? We just sacrafice a 15 year old every so often to address systemic failures and voila, we have achieved a safe and fair society? So simple.

  39. I am in response about people moaning england sentence is soft as it is not.

  40. The US has a higher crime rate than the UK, a serious problem with violent crime and a higher percentage of its population in prison than any other country in the world. Why on earth would we want to copy their justice system?

  41. Absolutely, for people who moan about sentencing in this country should better look at others like Netherlands, Germany, Denmark,Norway etc. They are even softer than UK.

  42. Tougher sentences don't actually deter crime, and if prisoners aren't reforming (USA and UK prison systems suck) it doesn't matter how long they stay in prison because nothing positive happens.

  43. If majority of Western and Southern european countries too. In fact Uk prison population per 100,000 is amount the highest ones in Western Europe

  44. I hadn't heard about this before and it's really close to me. I don't understand why the sentence for violent sexual offeders is so low. This is the type of person who should never be let out.

  45. To be honest you should feel glad you live in UK. He will get even less in a couple of european countries.

  46. This ordeal sounded terrifying. This piece of shit should be serving a whole life sentence

  47. To be honest, no. Whole life term just encourages murder (to cover up or just "max" the harm)

  48. To be honest this is a fair sentence, in other European countries because of his age, he will not get life sentence at all. I think UK is the only European Countries allow life for this age.


  50. This is a fundamental misunderstanding on how sentencing works.

  51. The state should have NO RIGHT to punish a person forever (life) if the crime is not the most serious crime. No intention and no death= no life.

  52. How Norway turns criminals into good neighbours

  53. Absolutely- To be honest in England has the youngest age of criminal responsibility and the harshest sentence available for 10 years old kids. For Adults we have large prisoners per 100,000 population compare to our neighbors. This is fact.

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