1. As messed up as this season has been to start, I like rush. He seems to be doing what he can considering the circumstances, also lamb making up for his blunders. Half clench?

  2. Cd … I dunno bro. Not having a great year

  3. My day is ruined, and my liver awaits the damage coming. Why do I do this to myself year after year

  4. Yup. That’s game. Piss poor management and bad calls from Campbell all game. Way to piss away the lead when they had 0 timeouts.

  5. Steve yzerman is the General manager of the detroit red wings, it’s still surreal for me to say that.

  6. At this point, no one can do worse than Avila did for us. Welcome to detroit Mr Harris, I love you already (don’t make me regret it)

  7. The GM search has kinda flipped my perception of Chris. Chris inherited a team that spent a billion dollars and had not much to show for it and was suffering the consequences because of it. It was already committed to a long standing FO staple’s vision back to success and it’s possible Chris never believed in it and didn’t wanna spend money on it.

  8. You give Chris a lot of credit here, never really saw him as that kind of guy but, what you said makes sense

  9. Not really familiar with him, but I know what teams he’s been on and who he’s worked with. He can’t be any worse than Avila, right?

  10. Cooper rush has the ability to win the starting job in Dallas. We have no expectations at this moment since dak is out, let the kid do his thing.

  11. What changes did you notice in your body/health?

  12. Less fatigue, lost about 20 pounds without changing my diet, could breathe better, and honestly just felt better waking up in the morning.

  13. It’s crazy that at the end of the season last year, it was no question who was gonna be the starter. How things have changed, I feel for Cade. But JJ is the future .

  14. What? It was never set in stone at the end of the season. I fully expected a QB competition

  15. Cade did things for Michigan that haven’t been done in years, big ten title and a trip to the playoffs, why would it have been a competition? The only loss they had last year came at the hands of JJ

  16. Sooo, is this how triple H takes the Case off theory? Like he technically cashed in but didn’t win

  17. Hate that he couldn’t stay out of trouble. If he would’ve settled down and just did his craft he’d still be here I believe. In and out of jail, always in the media for the wrong reasons, yet he was still topping charts everywhere. A sad story of what could’ve been. Rip X.

  18. I would guess not until the 2nd half ? We’ll see if it changes though

  19. Maybe harbaugh let’s Cade get his game , and let’s JJ get his before he decides ?

  20. The number of people in this thread who put money on this game concerns me

  21. all the haters here to watch the upset can see the door now ;)

  22. Just want Tork and Kreid to have good Septembers

  23. Agreed. Especially tork. If he can get something going it’ll build momentum going into next year. Also very excited to see what Kreidler can do for us

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