1. Sir Michael Caine from his acting videos. How does he choose a role anyway?

  2. Came across this many days later by accident. I’m so sorry. What you have been through is awful; but each day is one more day further from it, and therefore a new triumph over it.

  3. Funny enough, I’ve been a little manic this weekend. Still with this boyfriend. He’s wonderful and loves me and has been so good to me. He knows about everything I’ve dealt with and doesn’t shame me when I’m too depressed to leave my bed or when I just can’t get in the mood to have sex. Work has been good. I cleaned my apartment the other night. It was the first time I’d tried to actually clean since I burnt the rice.

  4. I apologise - I didn't even notice OP's title, I thought you were correcting the strip itself

  5. Idk but it always caused me breakouts . I have oily skin so I guess just not a good match for my skin

  6. Heritage Park in the far south-east along Racetrack Road is a monster. it takes me nearly 40 minutes to walk around the entire thing ONE TIME (yes, i've timed it)

  7. Had the same idea before, but it does exist in some markets. I was working on eletronics a few years ago and there was a site that would do that for me: I'd search the part nº and it would give me a list of known suppliers who sold it. It had all the info on the supplier, price info and verification.

  8. Hi, would you mind sharing via here or DM the name of the website? Im trying to source parts from China.

  9. My website is not ready yet and probably wouldn't start with Chinese markets.

  10. The waitress initially shaved $0.20 off of her bill but she was so focused on being vindictive about her own misunderstanding that she ended up paying the full amount, anyway.

  11. Ditto. Girlfriend and I kept waking up with bite tracks and little blood spots on the sheets. Then one night I see a weird little beetle so I catch it and put it between layers of tape.

  12. I’m not able to discern anything in this picture that is obviously bedbugs. Am I the only one ?

  13. They’re more common in country style wear. Try stores that specialize in that type of style.

  14. Leave. It’s not gonna get better, and you owe it to yourself and your children to live a life without emotional abuse

  15. If that’s where you live I’d say Daylight Saving is the least of your worries

  16. Or OP did nothing at all and the driver is manufacturing fake "evidence" so the driver can hit OP with a fake cleaning charge. Drivers do it a lot unfortunately, but it's usually not this... Intense.

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