1. If you’re going to be near Paycor you’ll already be in the middle of it.

  2. Oh 👀 I really need to get it together lol.

  3. Will someone please send me a link to the live version?

  4. Cincinnati is mostly white, but I can’t give you an accurate percentage. As a Black person, I can go days, even weeks at times without seeing another Black person. There are small pockets in surrounding areas where Black and other people of color dwell, but all in all, Cincinnati is not diverse. We’re kind of sprinkled around the city and surrounding areas based on the industries we’re in, etc. I moved here from a suburb of Atlanta, and it was hard to adjust for a while, due to direct racism, discrimination, and extreme exclusion. After many years, I’ve found my people and I am starting to like it. If you move here, I suggest getting involved in activities that center around your interests immediately! Do what’s best for you! :)

  5. Blue! I know it’s controversial but SIAS is my absolute favorite

  6. I found my people!! I love SIAS too much to leave it behind.

  7. You’re done. Get off the subreddit NOW!!!!

  8. Please drop a link to your buzzfeed article when it publishes!

  9. Can’t wait to dig in! Thank you for the useful recommendations!

  10. OP - please drop the link to your food blog article when you publish!

  11. Did you catch what he said before this? It sounded like he said something about Suicidal Tendencies

  12. He said that he “played with suicidal tendencies for 13 f*****g years.” I don’t have a recording though.

  13. He actually said he played with Suicidal Tendencies!! I have a video somewhere of him saying it but he played with them over a decade

  14. Lmao, I didn’t even know that was a band. 💀

  15. It was changed in Texas as a message to society. She played it in Tokyo too, explaining that she wanted to sing about a situation in America and that it’s okay for people in Japan and other countries to speak out against the issue even though it’s not a Japanese problem

  16. Thank you for posting this. Angel Down is such a special song with a powerful message. Empathy, compassion, and love was put into it. I am happy that she is bringing it back.

  17. Consider trying to find a direct flight from Dayton. ~2 hour drive round trip, and a short flight.

  18. Disappointed, but not at all surprised. We’re in hell.

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