Missouri criminalizing homelessness

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  1. She will find it degrading with you, but not her side dude lol… figure it out.

  2. He is a cannibal and makes “book covers” from recycled human epidermis… my only guess hmm 🤔

  3. Baked with unreal engine look at those textures

  4. King burrito good hole in wall, fast service, good portions, different authentic Mexican offerings.

  5. Dude what??? That would literally loosen your dong, nobody wants a loose dong WTH !

  6. I read title like it was a good thing, and then it wasn’t… holy smokes.

  7. Choot first don’t ask and don’t report questions, vigilante is the only modus operandi, keep one in the chamber, c'est la vie!

  8. If any respect and dignity for yourself, no returns accepted, don’t compromise at “but I luv hur” she knows this weak spot but if you were to explore other options you’d find you don’t need to settle for garbage humans. Cheers!

  9. I won’t get it cause JESUS ENTERED MY BODY LIKE A BODY already. GOBLESS!

  10. Idk if this sub and Breakup are all teenagers going thru first break up cause wheeeew all this “ you’re gonna miss me” blah blah lol they are out getting cheeks clapped or clapping cheeks while you write a freaking manifesto about your One-itis 🤣, y’all don’t take this shit too serious be safe.

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