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Deshaun Watson plans to waive his no-trade clause to the #Browns, sources tell me and @TomPelissero . Yes, the Browns!! Trade compensation still to be finalized with the #Texans, but Watson has made his choice: He expects to go to Cleveland.

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  1. I'm gonna be honest AB is losing me with this draft

  2. How? He’s drafted needs with every pick besides the running back. Maybe I’m missing something with the “Berry being bad this draft” talk

  3. So with the play in, what happens if we lose this one?

  4. I think everyone's going to be on Baker's "list" by the end of this off-season except for his family. Joe is 100% correct though. No teams are willing to pay Baker $18m next season, but the Browns offered him $30m. Horrible idea to pass that up.

  5. Is that contract confirmed? I cant see Berry actually wanting to give money to Baker

  6. Not confirmed. But that was the number mentioned in reports before the season started. I believe that's similar to Carr/Tannehill/Cousins money. After how it played in 2020 I wouldn't say $30m was unreasonable.

  7. It’s possible, everything that’s coming out just points to Berry and Stefanski never liking the guy

  8. I hope Odell gets signed the second after we trade Baker lmao

  9. We went 8-9 with very bad QB play. Whatever you think about Watson is fair and the AFC is loaded, but Watson is a legit game changer

  10. They’re great, people who think it’s just dunking on Baker don’t listen to most of them. Also, it’s pretty easy to dunk on Baker lately if we’re being honest

  11. Not before Watson wears out his. The whole world will be sick of him and he'll eventually get let go because of his conduct. Hopefully we win some games before then, I still want to see a Browns super bowl victory. But the difference between Baker and Watson is more attitude than anything. Baker is a fighter, he's the ultimate underdog (which is why Cleveland loves him) and will never give up wherever he lands. Watson is going to really struggle, especially with 22 lawsuits hanging over him. Hopefully he goes away before he does too much damage, we don't want to be the Penn State of the NFL.

  12. Nope. The team gave up on him first. Went behind his back to Houston to get Watson right after telling Baker he was still their guy... He's got a right to be pissed.

  13. Even though they said they would be looking to upgrade to an elite guy

  14. Interesting, so he went back to the Browns? Not the other way around?

  15. From everything we’re seeing, it seems as though Watson reached back out

  16. We had a top 10 QB, he also took us to the playoffs and won. he just got hurt.

  17. I gotta give you credit, I never seen someone Stan a mediocre player this much

  18. Odell, come home baby. Seriously though, probably a legit deep threat. Also, getting Robert Woods would be amazing

  19. And a good coach will adapt his system to fit the qb. I know him and Baker had issues but I'm not sure how much was that Baker not willing to adapt or Stefanski.

  20. Probably a combo of both. There’s now reporting that even during the playoff run there was a disconnect between Baker and Stefanski

  21. Yeah I think they know a suspension is coming. I read somewhere he gets 1 million his first year. The big question is what that suspension looks like. Ben and Zeke both got 6 for 1 allegation, so by that metric Watson would miss a career, which is unrealistic. But is 6 enough for 22? That’s where the big question mark is gonna be.

  22. Yeah I’m not even sure there’s any concrete rumors on what it could be. Also, I wonder if him sitting out all last season plays a small factor into the suspension

  23. There’s some freak dudes like Jordan Davis who tested really well. I think it’s a fairly decent class and Berry still, somehow, has eight picks this year. We’ll also get picks for Baker so maybe we’ll see a trade up

  24. Haha if a GM could get a first for Baker it would be Berry. I’m thinking something similar to the Wentz deal, like a third or two. I would love Seattle to give us Lockett in a package for Baker

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