1. The Sephora collection discount will automatically apply itself during checkout. Now if you’re trying to apply the getgifting code to Sephora collection, it’s not going to work.

  2. Can I use a getgifting code in a cart with both regular and Sephora collection items and get discounts on either? (Not additional 20%, just 20% and 30%)

  3. Yeah, I learned a lot about this when I was shopping for an Indiana Jones jacket. Those come in every kind of hide and so I wanted to understand the differences. They effect both the feel of the leather as well as the insulation.

  4. This was very helpful just coming across this thread. What makes you say lamb ages the worst? I am trying to preserve my lamb jacket at the moment and wondering how to protect it.

  5. I highly recommend the Steelcase Leap V1 or V2. Typically they come with arms, but can be removed with a screwdrivers quite easily. I find their OEM cushions to be the exact level of firmness needed to support your butt and not tire it out.

  6. Wow I didn’t even consider the leap because of the price and also the seat not seeming as cushy as some of the other steelcase models. I think I want something more soft vs. firm though. I will have to deal hunt and see if I can find or try one.

  7. The fashion in this movie is top notch…I wanted the pink dress she wears and some cosplayer websites made it custom. I’m not sure you’ll find anything authentically 60s vintage, though. I found

  8. There’s an episode where Liv says something asking if their past personal relationship won’t affect Ellis’ judgment. So it is verbally confirmed. I believe this was the episode with the wrongfully incarcerated guy?

  9. Got mine here, twilight sedation. No issues with my insurance.

  10. This is so crazy. I would suggest you start with nurx which requires no in person visits and can bill your insurance for pills and dispense three months at a time. They will only charge you a $20 consult fee outside of insurance. This probably won’t work for this immediate prescription issue but going forward you won’t have issues anymore.

  11. Thank you! I wanted to treat myself to a le labo candle and now I can! Edit: Shipping to the US is $14....

  12. Pause the accommodation back and forth and make sure you are still getting the job. In the future, always wait and disclose this after you have a signed offer.

  13. I find I really struggle with eyeliners and contact lenses the waterproof ones have a habit of clouding them. The only pencil eyeliner I've found to work in channel waterproof stylo. It will stay through crying if you don't rub it but if you wear contacts it won't smudge all over them. Also urban decay all nighter spray is the best for fixing makeup so it doesn't budge. Test all your products before the big day with a camera flash as well to ensure they don't flash back grey or white or orange!

  14. I didn’t realize that waterproof mascara could cloud contacts?

  15. This happened to me also after doing my own gel for about a year. I do have very sensitive skin and it would irritate my eczema in addition to this reaction. I took a two year break and I am able to get my gel nails done at a salon again.

  16. The b62 runs on Bedford avenue and is a heavily utilized thoroughfare for public transportation. It’s just not a good choice.

  17. Ban private cars. Busses, delivery trucks and bikes only, and make its bike lane protected.

  18. That still wouldn’t solve the pedestrian only designation, you can’t have blocked off streets that move every 15 min for the bus.

  19. It’s kinda a weird setup; but yeah it’s basically set up like a railroad

  20. Can you explain the roommate/landlord part? Is this an actual bedroom she is trying to use? Is there another roommate in the other bedroom? How did you get into the original apartment situation, is this going from two people to three people?

  21. Yeah sorry, I wasn’t actually sure about my roommate if she owned the apartment or was leasing it, but she is leasing it. The apartment is set up railroad style with an independent bedroom. So it’s essentially a straight line, with my room at the end, which has a door to the stairway/hallway. From my room I have a door to our living room area, then from there there is a halfway which leads to the kitchen/bathroom, and along that hallway is the other bedroom, and also another door to the stairway/hallway, on the other side, I found this room on Facebook.

  22. If the middle room in the railroad does not have a closet or a window it is not technically considered a bedroom by NY standards (to my knowledge) and it is illegal to rent it (or sublet it) as such. Start looking for a new place ASAP because even if she’s not allowed to do this some people try anyway.

  23. Forgot to mention botox. Botox is injected every three months in various places on your scalp and head and sometimes shoulders. It is about 30 injections. It can be painful. Sometimes it can cause a migraine afterwards. It usually takes about two weeks to reach effectiveness per session and sometimes 2-3 rounds of treatment before it reaches maximum efficiency (so 6-9 months). You may have to try some of the other methods above before your doctor prescribes it, but if your doctor will give it to you right off the bat, you can consider it as I have found it personally very effective and can be combined with any of the other medications above. If your insurance doesn't cover it, it can be pricey.

  24. This is really helpful, thank you so much. At this point I’m just trying to educate myself as much as I can before seeing the neurologist. I’ve suffered from chronic migraines my entire life and treated them with sumatriptan, but I feel that I’m overusing that drug and would like to explore other options. If the doctor suggests any other treatments that you haven’t covered I’ll let you know. Again, thanks for the response.

  25. Of course! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. Preventative meds improved my quality of life and I definitely support people advocating for themselves and seeking help!

  26. Yep, I've applied for hundreds of jobs with offers and ended up getting a 3 month subscription to flexjobs.

  27. Thanks. Is a steroid taper something i’d want to start as soon as my next attack hits, or could i start it right away to… prevent/break the cycle? I’m just trying to figure out if i should be making an appt with my doctor or trying to just call and ask for this so i have it when it’s ready, lol

  28. Steroids should NOT be done as a preventative measure. How long are your migraines lasting/leaving/coming back? A steroid taper can take several days to a week or more to complete because you have to gradually lower the dosage so it should be used if you are in a particularly bad cycle. I don’t think it would make sense if you are getting weekend only recurring headaches with a space in between, seems like a preventative medication would make more sense for you.

  29. Yeah, it sounds or me like you really need a preventative medication rather than steroids. I have a very similar reaction to triptan medications, there are also multiple kinds of them (sumatriptan is just one). When you do see a neurologist, you can ask about taking a different triptan. Some of them act more quickly but others like naratriptan or frovatriptan are longer lasting in your system which make it less likely for a rebound headache to come back the next day. Not sure if a general doctor can start you on preventative medication, you can ask. My advice is to do some research on magnesium supplements for migraines. It was the first thing my neurologist told me to try and while it didn’t work for me specifically it does help a lot of people and could help while you are waiting for your appointment.

  30. You could try Besfren Beauty, 315 5th ave, although I haven't been there lately. You could also try Kosette Beauty, 35 W 32nd Street. I would try Besfren first.

  31. I had an ultrasound immediately after the procedure was done (I was sedated) and then again a month later to verify placement. That's what I would do personally!

  32. OMG....did they have more haloscopes?

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