1. I got while back $25 off credit and got pj set and each piece run about $52 & $55 each. Like it’s crazy.

  2. It’s all digital now, I see some people combining digital and Sunday newspaper. I prefer not to interact with people or inconvenient store workers. So I just use Ibotta

  3. Right? Yesterday was one of my treat days after Christmas shopping. I paid $4.99 for just the Big Mac (nothing else), plus tax... Pretty sure they're making the patties even thinner and adding more lettuce for height.

  4. Yep u right, when I got Big Mac the extra patty they gave me was not only thin but smaller compared to one that comes with bun

  5. Now I want this coat. I have two pieces suit that matches the green part.

  6. Don’t have tolerance with alcohol lol. So even half glass of wine is making me dizzy.

  7. I mean it’s just like a lot of the other sites. You get surveys and some people gets ton of boxes and others get one a year. I have BzzAgent and I signed up 2011. Last year something changed and I started getting boxes. It’s been about 4 since last summer . I signed up to Influesnter and every month I would have 1 or 2 boxes. I like highlights system, they tell you right then and there if you’re qualified or disqualified.

  8. Year I remember with bzzagent the first year I wasn’t getting anything. The beginning of this year I got like 10 products in 6 months. It’s quiet now again. Influenster sucks, it’s been nothing for 5 months. And apparently they have issues when people with 8-9 tiers don’t get surveys or something.

  9. Yeah they send surveys, but I never qualify. Tbh will be deleting my acc.

  10. I guess I don’t really like the taste, it does not taste authentic like the restaurants. Be sure to try a chalupa or cheese Gordita next!

  11. Thanks for the suggestion! Yeah it’s definitely doesn’t taste like even pre-made in a tub.

  12. I tried it couple times, got the best deal Italian sub for 50 cents.

  13. Hmm Interesting, my first time trying. I was surprised to experience sauce stinginess.

  14. The best (local) deal McDs has going here is a free Big Mac with $1 purchase if the Phila Eagles sack the opposition quarterback in the week's games. I'm not sure if other cities/teams have this promotion, but I've been buying a $1.00 drink (medium Sprite mixed berry just to get the cup) and get the Big Mac free. I've gone every week except the bye week because the Eagles have had a sack in each game since the promotion started I think.

  15. In Philly they got sugar drink surcharge or sum, so sm is $1.40 and xs is 1.30. Better off getting extra tomatoes or extra patty for a $1 + tax.

  16. I’m in DE. None of that or sales tax here. One dollar for a large cup (choose your drink) and the Big Mac is free. This week I’ll be hoping they get to Rodgers this - many times.

  17. Sorry to be one of the people bitching but I want to know where is the real Taco Bell? They changed the Mexican pizzas so now there are no black olives or tomatoes on it anymore but I think the price went up. The 7 layer and 5 layer burritos are now crappy layers of cheap ingredients. The Mexi~melts are overpriced for the size. They should be making out of the larger tortilla for the price. I wouldn't recognize these things if I were NOT a fan. But it's a two way street. Where is their loyalty to the customers? They are using BS excuses as to why they made these changes but it boils down to using cheaper ingredients and charging more money for less quality. The fan thing is becoming a thing of the past now that I can go online and find the recipes they USED to use. I can now make the menu items I want at home for cheaper than they charge. But I do like the sign. It works for when I make TB at home.

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