1. Neither of them were going to play in the preseason anyways. I’m not worried at all, just typical McVay stuff going into the season by not pushing them until fully healthy.

  2. Our son level 1 diagnosed age 5 has never had ABA. He didn’t need it. He’s had CBT to learn how to calm down when dysregulated or deal with anxiety, speech for conversational pragmatics, social thinking social play group, occupational therapy to integrate retained primitive reflexes and improve his dyspraxia and proprioception, vision therapy to improve his hand eye coordination. ABA is more like training your child rather than addressing the underlying issues. Adult autistics who have been through ABA do not recommend it. I feel unless your child is being dangerous to himself/herself or others, or cannot learn to go to the bathroom on their own, there are other more child centric therapies. Especially at your son’s age, he may feel resentful for being “trained” in that way.

  3. May I ask what age you started CBT with your son? I feel that this would be a really helpful intervention for my son but don’t think he’s quite ready for it/old enough to understand (almost 3.5).

  4. Do not take him out of school for ABA. After school ABA in the community to facilitate social interactions and play flexibility would be ideal. If the ABA center isn’t interested in this, look for an alternative provider. Automatically saying a program is 15-20 hours without even taking into consideration each child’s needs is very strange to me and I’ve worked in the field for 15+ years (now for a school district though).

  5. Saw a mom trying to get her 3 year old to leave the playground and come for lunch with her by using a magic (imaginary) rope to pull him off the wooden boat he was currently playing on. She was so charming about it and in such a good mood. Even I wanted to come with her for lunch.

  6. Timers FTW. I use the “playtime” tone on my iPhone specifically for my three year old. He pushes the start button, the tone starts playing when times up, and we have a mini dance party to “playtime” before transitioning. Works excellently.

  7. I despise the 49ers… but this is well deserved and overdue. Dudes a baller.

  8. Santa Maria tri-tip (California) is a thing of beauty.

  9. The key is the specific red oak they use… I believe it only grows on the central coast.

  10. Yeah the big meat packing companies specifically market a few of the smaller beef cuts in only one region, so that consumer demand is enough to match supply. In California it's tritip, in the Midwest, flat iron steaks, brisket is available outside Texas, but it's harder to find and twice as expensive. Skirt steak is impossible to find in the Midwest as well, I think it is mostly available in the southwest? They're apparently starting to introduce the Denver steak which comes from the chuck, and I have a feeling it's only gonna be common on the east coast

  11. We have skirt steak on the west coast but it’s hard to find and is basically the cost of ribeye

  12. While it took me awhile to start my sober journey, I have to give Waller some credit. His appearance on Hard Knocks made me think that AA may not be so bad after all.

  13. I’m fairly certain that Ryan is going to hit a “former child star” wall at some point in life and get hooked to drugs/alcohol/something even more deplorable. Blippi is probably past that hurdle, but I think it’s coming for Ryan.

  14. Blippi actually has a mega hot wife and just became a Dad. He’s done just fine.

  15. To me it says they’re finally going to be using some two back sets aka both will be on the field at the same time. It’s been reported that McVay has wanted to do this for awhile but hasn’t been able to because of injuries.

  16. Is it a diss? I'd have to look into the context more, but it doesn't read that way to me at all. More like a compliment to his new coach

  17. I don’t think it is a diss, but JJ does seem to have kind of fixation with Kupp’s success last season and that the belief that he can do better (which he may very well be able to do so)…

  18. I'm guessing it was a commitment he made when he was retired and he's still trying to honor it now that he's not retired. Might even be just a family vacation that he promised his kids before school. I respect that

  19. Don't let their recent super bowl victory distract you from the fact that LA's jersey and logo rebrand makes them look like an Arena Football League team that ran out of ideas. You have a shoulder patch with your name on it, because otherwise people wouldn't know which LA team they're watching. I don't know who thought "bone" was a good colour selection but your away jerseys look like the left sock of a hyper-sexual teenage boy. Y'all look like if Ikea got a football team. I think St. Louis Rams fans stopped wishing the team had stayed after they saw the inexplicable all-gray uniforms. You call yourself the "Ramily" but if I had to buy one of those jerseys I'd ask to be put up for adoption.

  20. You know your rebrand didn't go well, when it gets changed 2 years in

  21. Yeah… I’m a little surprised they’re still using the LA logo as much as they are and haven’t fully committed to the new Ram head

  22. For the record this username was made before we even drafted him (April 25, 2021).

  23. The record shows that you won a 50/50 gamble a few days before he was drafted. Well done.

  24. Perhaps. But I’ve been thrilled with my Walmart bankrolled owner… Shit outside of football aside, Broncos fans should be thrilled.

  25. I mean, have you seen this sub whenever Rodgers or Mahomes or Brady throws a backbreaking INT?

  26. Seriously. Go to any team subreddit and you’ll find a post within the last few weeks about how

  27. Are we sure this is what actually happened, or did he come to the decision that he wanted to play for the Raiders like he had his entire life and wanted that dream to finally come true?

  28. Put a sweater on. Us hot running folks can’t do shit when you set it to 76F.

  29. Because that’s not sweater temp for everyone and if you set it higher, others get hot, and there isn’t a solution for becoming hot other than turn down the temp or getting naked…

  30. Imagine having the opportunity to trade for a QB that could immediately take and lead you to a Super Bowl, but instead you let him go to your division rivals, get knocked out of the playoffs by him, and then watch him win a Super Bowl.

  31. All because you decided to go out for the night with your wife while vacationing in Cabo instead of getting on the phone, thinking “I can deal with that tomorrow”…

  32. Colts last week, Bills this week, Packers next week… enjoy hearing this every week for the next 2 months until ultimately re-signs with the Rams

  33. Came here to say this. OLine don't have fancy stats to throw out there to measure up, but he's had two lights out seasons and with all the injuries that sidetracked the season last year by far the biggest was missing Wirfs agains the Rams. Even with no WRs we win that game if Wirfs is healthy.

  34. Um, Evans? Also, I think 4 lost fumbles (after having 5 for the entire regular season) may have helped you keep it a bit closer than Wirfs playing

  35. It's very weird. When Trey has a bad practice statistically, it's guaranteed that it's going to get posted here with 50+ comments. When he has a statistically good one, it's likely either not getting posted or not getting any comments.

  36. It’s not weird at all. People naturally root for a “car crash” when their team isn’t involved. They also want validation of their initial viewpoint that trading three firsts for a guy to sit a year is a huge red flag.

  37. Except Chase was one of the best WRs in college in forever and Trey Lance was ? Such a terrible comparison.

  38. Trey Lance played one year for an FCS school because a Power Five school wouldn’t recruit him as a QB

  39. Note Lance is practicing against 1st team defense this year vs 2nd team last year.

  40. Didn’t mention it bc it was a different drive (and I want to ignore the negative). But yeah, he’s having ups and downs

  41. At least you’re honest with yourself! (No sarcasm or snarkyness intended)

  42. I think “fat” is an overstatement. He only got like $10M more guaranteed than he would have made on the franchise tag and lost a year of his career. He’s recently said that he regrets sitting that year out.

  43. McVay getting his QB irked so Stafford will throw 60 TDs this season.

  44. Call me a homer, but Stafford is gonna be in the MVP hunt this season. Year 2 in the system with an improved receiving core (for Stafford’s abilities/preferences), and has now learned he doesn’t have to play Hero Ball all the time (aka fewer INTs incoming).

  45. It’s crazy because realistically, the super bowl win has completely fucked expectations and peoples impression of Stafford in year 2, but I had been adamant all year, both in the highs and lows, that year 2 with a full returning offseason for Stafford and McVay to work with each other, that we’d see an even more explosive offense

  46. Yeah I always thought Year 2 would be the true Super Bowl run where the team would pull out all of the stops like an OBJ/Von move… what a pleasant early surprise

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